What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – March 8-14

We start this week’s blog with more cooking from Tracy who decided to try making the Bytopian Shepherd’s Bread from the D&D Cookbook and it turned out pretty well. “Apparently I may not get to try it though as the kids are busy yumming it up while I’m at work.”

Greg and Tracy came back for another attempt at Dice Throne Adventures Scenario 7 and had some good fortune with the exploration of the tiles. “We started with four salves and actually had more at one point, but ended up using some towards the end, in part because Tracy was bleeding after an encounter with the same Cobra as in the previous attempt. In the end we were victorious though, and will go on to fight the Mad King in the next game!”

Later in the week they played Scenario 8: The Mad King. “This guy is mean! As well as starting with an obscene amount of health and upgrades he also hits you with status effects that might make you hit your friends instead of him. We gave it a good shot but ultimately fell short and got trampled underfoot. Hopefully we can learn from the experience and come back stronger next time!”

Sue painted K3P0 and the Medical Droid from Star Wars: Legion. “Both really quick and easy to paint. Primed K3P0 white and then used Citadel’s Medium Shade brush to apply the Apothecary White Contrast Paint. I used a yellow Contrast Paint for the eyes after. For the Medical Droid, I primed him silver and picked out bits with a noticeably different silver and then hit the whole thing with a black wash. Easy!”

Greg played Abyss, a card drafting/set collection/ tableau-building game again. “I do enjoy it somewhat, but it’s a little random and chaotic for me. I’m also not super keen on the fact that you’re competing with other players to ‘buy’ the lords and can get hooped if someone beats you to one you were aiming for. Perhaps if it had some reservation mechanism, like in Splendor, it would be better. Overall, it’s pretty fun though.”

Greg played Draftosaurus. “Sometimes the dice just don’t work out for you. You always have a few options in this game but sometimes the dice just won’t let you put your dinosaur in the pen you want. It also sucks when the last dinosaur you get handed ruins your points for the lonely pen! It’s a quick and easy game though, so if things don’t go well for you then you can probably play another game and maybe things will work out better. The dinosaurs are cute too – my kids sometimes steal this game just to play with them.”

Christopher asked to play Century: Golem Edition with Renee so they got in a two player game. “He remembered all the rules and did much better this time making choices that helped him efficiently get the gems needed to acquire a point card. We also had a lot of fun looking at the pictures which is one of the reasons I love this version so much. The other being those awesome acrylic gems. I’m excited that he likes this game enough that he even asked to play again later with Jenn. Very happy I bought it even though I already owned Spice Road. This version just has a better table presence, especially for getting kids interested.”

Renee finished Caliban’s War and Abaddon’s Gate, books 2 and 3 in the Expanse series. “These are such fun reads! I love the characters, the story is awesome, I’m immersed in this world and excited I still have so much to discover! Not surprised these are as popular as they are.”

Greg and Tracy came back for a second crack at the Mad King in Dice Throne Adventures, this time with extra salves in hand. “It ended as a defeat, with the Mad King still at 19 health, but I feel like this was winnable if the dice had been a little friendlier. The Mad King made Tracy attack me twice, and I would have attacked her back if not for the timely intervention of a Tip It card. Overall, there were multiple times when we had to use cards to avoid big attacks instead of being able to use them more offensively. My level 4 Purge card also came up blank when used to remove status effects. We’ll come back again next time with even more salves, and hopefully the dice gods will be on our side!”

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