What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Feb 15-21

Greg and Tracy continued their Dice Throne Adventures this week. “After the last game I knew it was going to be tough against the Fallen Gunslinger but we still had hope. Those hopes were dashed pretty quickly though after I took a knockdown hit on the first attack, and Tracy whiffed her first attack completely. We pulled it back to be vaguely respectable but still lost pretty badly. Next time we do get to start with three salves,  so maybe it’ll be closer.” Later in the week it hit the table again. “We came back for another shot at the Fallen Gunslinger, this time with three salves in hand. As predicted, it was a much closer fight but I managed to get a barbed vine on him early that caused a fair bit of damage over the course of the fight. Tracy’s Gunslinger also got lucky on a whole bunch of evasive token rolls or we would have lost horribly. As it is, we managed to defeat him, albeit with no salves left again. Next up is portal crawl number three!”

Kris had some fun with the D&D cookbook, this week. “We had Tavern “Steak’s” with Orc Bacon and a side of Otik’s Skillet-Fried Spiced Potato’s. I had intended for the Tavern Steak’s to be an open Sandwich but we had some nice Brioche Buns left so I toasted those off and added some garlic butter, I also added some mozzarella cheese to the burgers which I will swap out for Brie next time.”

Sue painted Riyo Chuchi from the Star Wars Legion Vital Assets box set. “I think Riyo Chuchi is a super cute model! I decided to try Hoeth Blue (of course) for the skin and Fenrisian Grey for the highlights. I was very pleased with this color combination. Then I used a very thinned down (Contrast Medium) Talassar Blue over top. To get the purplish-blue for the pants, I used Reaper’s Icy Violet with Ultramarines Blue Contrast Paint over top. Reaper Paints are available through the Sentry Box by special order. I used Apothecary White Contrast Paint for the pants and boots and I used a flesh shade over top of the gold. I took come creative liberty with the outfit, but that’s the joy of miniature painting. You can paint a model any way you like!”

When Renee played Energy Empire a couple of years ago she knew Jenn would love it and they finally played it together this week! “Each player plays a nation, managing their own energy empire by building structures, gaining resources and generating energy. It’s a worker placement game in which you can build engines with the structures you build, allowing you to chain actions in a turn. When you run out of workers you use a generating turn to roll your dice and generate energy for the next round. What’s cool is that some actions pollute your environment so you have to manage that by cleaning it up. Jenn, playing Canada had a pretty clean environment the entire game. On the other hand, as France I started the game with a nuclear die, so mid-game my environment was looking pretty dire…however I created a clean up engine with my structures and managed to clean it up pretty well by the end of the game. Jenn still beat me though.”

More cooking with Kris! “I made some Hand Pies from the D&D Cookbook, I did change up the recipe a little bit but am really enjoying the inspiration from the book.”

Greg knows a lot of people that love Terra Mystica and many people say Gaia Project is even better. “A lot of the gameplay is the same, but there are a few changes and additions, as well as the change in theme from fantasy to sci-fi. It’s definitely a fairly involved game, with a lot of planning needed to really maximise your turns. Neither of us had played before, but I have at least played Terra Mystica half a dozen times, whereas Tracy has only played it once, so I had a distinct advantage. We do use the recommended first game set up though, which uses more straightforward factions. I’d like to try out some of the other factions now, if Tracy is willing!”

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