What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Feb 8-14

Greg played a couple of games of Unicorn Glitterluck: A Party for Rosalie, one with just Alex and another with Luke joining in as well. “It’s a cute little co-op roll and move game where you’re trying to get all the guests to Rosalie’s party and collect all the cloud crystals for her before she arrives. It’s simple enough for Luke to play and cutesy enough that Alex likes it too.”

Professor Noside’s Animal-o-matic, the second adventure in the Unlock: Mythic Adventures box, is a fun one where you have to try to get back into your own body. “This involves transferring around into a variety of animals to be able to get the battery you need. There was one thing we needed clues on but otherwise it was actually pretty straightforward.”

Later in the week they played Around the World in 80 Minutes. “The third and final part of this box, and the one rated most difficult, but we actually found them all to be about the same. We enjoyed all three of them but I think this one was probably our favourite, partly down to enjoying the story it’s based on, and partly because we enjoyed the puzzles and didn’t get frustrated at any point. Overall this was a great selection of Escape Rooms – recommended!”

Danielle finished painting the wardrobe to Narnia. “I’m looking forward to the contrast between the spring outside and what will be a winter scene inside. The paintings on the two inside panels are copied from the amazing illustrations in the book originally done by Pauline Baynes.”

Danielle also finished painting her poisonous blue-ringed octopus!! “He will be hanging out in the same scene as my diver :)”

Greg finished reading The Dispossessed by Usula Le Guin. “This is sci-fi with a good dose of politics as it follows Shevek, who lives in an anarchist society and visits their neighbour planet, staying in a very capitalist, male-dominated society. It was an interesting read – I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read from Ursula Le Guin so far.”

Greg and Tracy played more Dice Throne Adventures this week. “Having successfully made it to the portal in scenario #1 the last time, we came face to face with the Fallen Barbarian in scenario #2. The bosses certainly seem pretty intimidating, with lots of health, king’s hand tokens, a bunch of upgrades and some nasty cards. As it happens though, things went really well for us, with Tracy’s Gunslinger getting a successful ultimate on turn one, and things going fairly smoothly from then on. We even ended with an extra salve to take into the next portal crawl!”

Greg and Tracy went head to head in 7 Wonders Duel. “This game looked like it was slipping away, with Tracy ahead on points and on the military track, but my winders ended up saving me, with one getting me an extra science token and then another getting me an extra turn after playing it, allowing me to get a 6th science symbol for the win.”

Greg got in another four player game of Puerto Rico with the same friends as his last game but this one was much lower scores all round. “I went for diversity and a factory but it ended up being too slow (or I got distracted too easily) and I still felt like I was ramping up when the game ended. Tracy won again, making her 2-0 now in games with this group.”

Greg played a couple games of the fun little drafting game Sushi Go. “The first one went very well for me, with me winning by a decent margin. The second game was lower scoring and much closer, with me inadvertently denying Tracy victory by tying her for most puddings.”

Coloretto started pretty badly for Greg, with the others much more aware of the chance to be mean. “For a small quick game this one has some great tough choices and a lot of laughs. It ended up being really close and the final card draw could have swung the result.”

Greg has been wanting to play In the Hall of the Mountain King again as it feels quite unique, with the cascading resource generation and the way you want to spend or trade your resources as efficiently as possible. “Tracy hadn’t played this before but picked it up with no problem. It ended up being a really close game, with the final scores being 98-97. I want to play again now as I still feel like I haven’t scratched the surface.”

Greg hadn’t played Concept Kids: Animals for a while because Alex previously had trouble not just blurting out the answer before she started giving clues. “She still gave the occasional bonus verbal hint but we did play through a full game properly and she was pretty good at giving us good clues!”

Renee is late to the party but she finally read Leviathan Wakes, the first book in the Expanse series. “I had been assured that I would enjoy it and once reading the first book, I’d be hooked. I did in fact find it a very enjoyable read and I now want to hear more about the world and the characters that inhabit it. I like that the chapters are written in the first person from different characters perspectives’; I’ve always preferred the first person voice because it allows me to feel like I’m in the mind of the character. In the first book this allowed us to explore the story from 2 different perspectives, which really highlights the fact that the same situation is a different experience for each person. I love that.  I’ve already started Caliban’s War, the second book in the series and I’m loving the new characters being introduced. Plus what is going on? I must read more!”

Greg and Tracy played Dice Throne Adventures Scenario #3, which is the second portal crawl. “We had two salves to start this scenario, but had to use them part way through as my Treant was taking a fair bit of damage. There were lots of minions with first strike, which didn’t help matters, and we came up against three varieties of black cat during the game, who caused us to bleed a lot. Ultimately, we just about made it through, with some good teamwork to keep each other alive. We did end up with no salves though, so the next game, a big boss fight, is going to be tough!”