What have The Sentry Box staff been up to? Feb 1-7

Greg and Tracy played In the Clutches of Hades, the first of the Unlock: Mythic Adventures box, and the easiest difficulty rating. “We managed to get through most of it without too much trouble, but there was one element that was a bit tricky to figure out exactly what to do. Overall it was a fun one and we both enjoyed it.”

Greg played Dice Throne Adventures once about a year ago because Paul from Roxley had an advance copy and was kind enough to teach him. He got it to the table again after it arrived at the store this week. “A lot of the game is based upon the original Dice Throne game, so it’s not too difficult to learn this if you’ve played a bunch of Dice Throne before. The neat thing here is that it’s a cooperative game, where the players are exploring a map of tiles, in order to find the portal pieces to eventually go through the portal to the next big boss. Along the way you’ll come up against a variety of minions and pick up loot and healing salves. Tracy picked the Gunslinger and I tried out the Treant from the new Season 1 Rerolled box, so our team name is ‘Shoots and Leaves’ It was a tight game but we just about managed to make it through the portal, so the next game we’ll be up against the first big boss!”

A few weeks ago Sue unintentionally, inaccurately photographed the storage capacity of the large Citadel miniature case has. It actually has double the space! “I am even more thrilled with this product! I love having all my models well protected and in one place.”

Sue finally finished a Warhammer Zombie band. “The one in the middle is kitbashed with a Warhammer Chaos Marauder and I used Green Stuff to make the hair. And the one on the right’s instrument is from one of the Warhammer Skeletons. I used a dark brown wash or Aggaros Dunes over white primer to do the bones. I also painted some zombie bodyguards? Roadies? To do the skin I painted light blue, green, and grey and used very thinned down brown and/or black washes. I used Darkoath Flesh for the zombie “guts”. I love the Warhammer Zombie box set, it comes with a lot of interesting parts to make a bunch of zombies with a lot of character!”

Tracy and Greg played a quick game of the push your luck dice game Can’t Stop. “But the problem is that I just Can’t Stop. I only managed to score one point and went bust multiple times, and then Tracy won an easy victory.”

Takenoko has been one of the games that Greg hears a lot of good things about but he somehow never got around to playing. “I’ve finally rectified that, playing a couple of times. It’s a super cute game of growing bamboo and then eating it with the panda to score objective cards. It’s a great family game as it’s cute, accessible, easy to teach but also does have some decisions to make. Definitely recommended now that I’ve played it!”

Greg got the D&D cookbook recently and made his first couple of things: Delzoun Tide-Me-Overs (meatballs) and Dwarven Flatbread. “I was really impressed with them, especially since Tracy usually does all the cooking so I was a little rusty in the kitchen! They were a hit with the kids too, so definitely a winner all round. There are some great looking recipes in the book so I’m hoping to try a few more in the coming weeks.”

Jenn and Renee decided to play Architects of the West Kingdom again, this time with the Age of Artisans expansion which they hadn’t yet tried. “This expansion adds a deck of cards that can be acquired by placing a worker on top of one of your workers already in the Guildhall (now a new double layered board). These cards can either be used as a tool to modify an apprentice by giving you a bonus each time you use that apprentice or as an adornment to a building giving you an immediate bonus. Both reward you with end game points. I ended up building a bit of an apprentice and tool engine that I used in the later part of the game to execute actions at the King’s Storehouse. I was fun but did mean that by the end of the game half my workers were in the Guildhall. It also adds an artisan; a larger worker that when placed initially counts as 2 workers and pays one less virtue, but once played behaves as a regular worker. I do love this series and continue to absolutely love every play of each game I play in the West Kingdom. Can’t recommend them enough. I should also mention that this expansion adds an additional orange player as well as additional apprentices and building cards.”

Tracy and Greg got Hallertau back to the table and Greg wanted to try a different set of decks, as well as a different strategy. “I tried mostly ignoring a couple of things and instead getting jewelry to advance those buildings. So I didn’t get many sheep or animal products during the course of the game, but I ended up scoring almost the same as in the first game so it worked out pretty well.”

Danielle has begun her next project which is to build wardrobe that opens into Narnia. “The wardrobe will sit on my bookshelf and extend backwards. So far I have completed the construction of the wardrobe itself.”

She has also begun a second project which is to build a unicorn glade. Here is what Danielle has completed so far.

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