What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Jan 25-31

Greg had heard a lot of good things about Praga Caput Regni, and had enjoyed some of the designer’s previous games like Underwater Cities and Pulsar 2849, so got it to the table when it arrived this week. “This one is a fantastic point salad game. The rotating action wheel is a neat twist that makes some actions more or less attractive. The upgrade, wall and building tiles all offer ways to score points or bonuses with a spatial element as well as by what’s on the tiles. The 3D Hunger Wall and Cathedral also offer interesting options for how to score. There are so many options but the game flows really quickly and turns are rarely very long. If you like point salad games with the chance to put together some neat combo turns then you should definitely check this one out.”

Renee fell in love with Century: Spice Road but when Century: Golem Edition came out she knew she had to have it. “It features the same fantastic engine building and trading mechanics, but with fun new monster artwork and big acrylic gems to replace the wooden spice cubes. I also thought that because of the monster theme and awesome gems, the game would be more appealing to Christopher. We played our first game with him and while he understood the rules and his options, it will take a few more plays for him to get a good sense for the strategy. I’m hopeful he’ll want to play again!”

Danielle finally finished her gingerbread house!! “This project began when I painted Hansel, Gretel, and the wicked Witch and I decided that they needed a scene. The house is constructed completely from scratch. I used cardboard, foam, plastic, beads, hot glue, buttons, wire, balsa wood, sculpey clay, miniature hinges, and straws. This project has taken such a long time to complete since I found it quite intimidating (especially since it is the first terrain piece I have ever built) and I’m definitely a perfectionist. The house is attached to the base with magnets and can be removed so that you can see the inside. I’m so proud of the final piece!”

Greg and Tracy ended the week with a play of Gentes. “In this game players are training their population in order to be able to play civilization cards for points and bonuses. The game uses an interesting action selection mechanism, where actions will cost some combination of money and time, with the ability to effectively spread the time for some actions over a couple of rounds. The tracks for the trained population is interesting too. I was quite impressed as it felt quite different and unique, and offers interesting choices without high complexity.”

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