What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Jan 11-17

Teotihuacan has been on Greg’s list of games that he wanted to get back to the table for a while. “Tracy and I were both a little rusty but it soon came back to us. Tracy got a couple of technology advances early, which gave her bonuses for building the pyramid, so she mostly focused on that. I mostly built noble houses and hoped to advance up the temple track enough to get the end game bonus for the avenue of the dead, but I didn’t get there. It ended being a super close game, tied at 112 each, with Tracy winning the tie breaker.”

Tracy wanted to play something a little less brain taxing, so Greg pulled out Dice Throne (Season 2) and randomised their characters. “Tracy got the Gunslinger and I got the Cursed Pirate. This game can be summed up by the round where Tracy rolled an Ultimate and I had two cards to force her to reroll a die – both times she rerolled a 6, maintaining her ultimate attack. It wasn’t pretty after that and I died during my own attack due to damage from Tracy’s defensive roll.”

Greg finished reading Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C Clarke. “Another great book from one of the classic sci-fi masters. His books are typically light on character development and much more about the technical aspects, but he’s great at coming up with plausible ideas for interactions with other intelligent species, or their ship in this case.”

Greg wanted to try out more characters in Dice Throne so he picked the Seraph and Tracy went with the Huntress. “It was fairly even for a while, with the Huntress’ cat Nyra soaking up some damage and causing extra damage to me, but then I took advantage of Tracy having no combat points to go for my ultimate. That put me significantly ahead and gave me a life insurance policy. I’d also upgraded a few abilities and in the end I smote her ruin upon the mountainside :grin:

Tekhenu was Tracy’s suggestion and one Greg was happy to go along with. “I started with a decree card that scored me points for pillars in the temple and also a technology card that meant I always got the bonus on the pillar tile when building it, regardless of whether it matched being in light, shade or dark. Given those two things I went heavily into pillars, ignoring most other things, except for a few quarries and a couple of buildings around the temple. Tracy built a lot of food and papyrus production buildings for her starting decree, and also went heavily into statues. She felt like she was doing poorly, but it ended up being kind of close because a bunch of her points came at game end.”

Danielle finished painting this miniature. “I ended up restarting her dress at once point, scrubbing everything off before I was happy with her. The galaxy effect was really hard to accomplish without an airbrush (which I haven’t yet set up). This is also my first miniature with a skin tone this dark. Overall I’m super happy with how she turned out!!”

Greg is enjoying Dice Throne right now and played again. “It’s perfect for when you don’t have a lot of time and don’t want a heavy game. The packaging is so great because set up and tear down is so quick and easy. In this game I took the Vampire Lord against Tracy’s Samurai. Some good luck early on allowed me to heal myself back to full health after a large attack on her, and even though she got back into it somewhat I was constantly picking away with a couple of bleed tokens and by stealing her health. In the end I finished her off by stealing her last two health during her attack on me.”

Friday was Renee’s mom’s birthday so she and Jenn decided to honour her memory by playing a game they grew up playing with her, Rummikub. “This is a game we discovered one summer in The Netherlands while visiting family and brought back home. It quickly became a family favourite which we played often together and with visiting friends. Players place tiles on the table in sets, either runs in a colour or 3 or 4 of a kind. However once tiles are placed on the table, they can be rearranged into different sets to allow you to add tiles from your board. Rearranging 15+ tiles in order to lay down your last tiles is very rewarding.”

Renee and Jenn also played Troyes Dice again, this time with the Banquets and Raids expansion. ” The expansion adds Banquet tiles, which provide bonuses when you use the die on that tile, but once that tile has be destroyed by the black die, it flips over to the Raid side and now has a negative effect when you choose that die. We both enjoyed playing this game again and the expansion was a good addition.”

Greg hadn’t played Ora & Labora for about eight years but had the urge recently and convinced Tracy to give it a go. “It’s fairly straightforward gameplay but there are a lot of building options and strategies to go for so it took a little time to get back in the swing of things. It’s a great game, with the resource wheel and the player board for expanding your territory and building. The settlements are a way that you need food and energy but are a positive thing if you build them rather than a negative for not having them.”

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