Let’s Not Do A ‘Year In Review’ Article, But Do A ‘Looking Forward To The New Year’ Article Instead…

If you asked me what I thought of the year 2020, I’d have to say it was a fantastic year for my hobbies… everything else aside. True, I didn’t get in as many games as I would have liked. Also true, I didn’t get to have as many good times with friends around the gaming table as in previous years. With the gaming postponed I used my extra time and found plenty of time for (the eventual…) betterment of my future-timey-time games.

Now, I’m not a mental health expert or even particularly good at dealing with my own emotional states on the best of days, but I do know that things that make you happy keep you sane. Sane-ish anyway. Lucky for me that the tabletop gaming hobby has many aspects to focus on, even while we are all social distancing.

Necromunda fits perfectly into my ‘not-plan’ of no gaming anytime soon by being a game in transition. Just over half of the starting Houses have received their own books, both expanding their choices of models and gear but also making them feel finished and competitively built. The remaining gangs get their own books in 2021, finishing or rather updating everyone’s currently waiting gangs.

Obviously I got straight into my gangs new box and built this crazy hammer guy. Possibly not the best choice in a shooting game but…giant hammer…

Players who already have existing gangs and models and have upgraded to a new gang book and box of models (read the last article…) will spend their time building and painting new options. While players hungrily awaiting their new goodies can be kept busy on scenery projects or scheming. Either way, the leisurely pace should allow players in either camp ample time to get those machinations going so that when a new campaign can begin, everyone will be ready.

Jet packs are cool. Who even knows if these guys will be useful in-game, and who even cares!…Jet packs are cool.

As a Canadian, and a gamer, I usually have some sort of large project to keep me busy during the long (and inevitably, indoor) months that will follow. As a betting man, I’m going to make sure that I have a few projects ranging from large to nearly unmanageable, just so I can keep my hands busy no matter what happens in the coming year.

Again, Necromunda is there for me and provides the brand new and extra spiffy Gang Stronghold scenery kit. This is a wonderful, if a bit bitty, kit. The construction design allows you to build a multi-piece fort that can fit together interchangeably. Pretty neat. I decided that the best policy was to get three kits. Then the pieces can be used in Zone Mortalis games and will also ring my Sump Sea board, when necessary.

One day, one fine day, you will be able to fall from a high wall, into toxic sludge. This is the future I am seeking.

With a large project on the go, keeping me busy with boring and very repetitive work, I find it essential to have several smaller projects that I can switch to, once I’ve had enough of painting silver endlessly. Now that House Orlock (my gang of choice…) has it’s own book I have a quick read and find that there is so much more for me to do!

The new gang books give players a wealth of information, and rules to digest. As well as more classes of gangers and easier access to some gang favourite stuff, but more interestingly, new and unique Hangers-On and scenery. Instantly I have half a dozen ideas for smaller projects.

One of the design aspects that I enjoy very much about Necromunda is the fact that you can never have everything you want, at the proper time, functioning at 100%. While at times maddening, it does have the effect (on me at least…) of increasing my preparedness. By that I mean: I like to have as many of my options available as possible. By that I mean: I need more finished models, waiting for the proper moment.

Most gangs can benefit from at least one Servitor Ogryn…and by ‘benefit from’ I mean ‘hit people with’. Another fun, new Necromunda model.

The Gang Stronghold promises long hours of repetitive painting, while there are enough tiny projects to keep me occupied by mining the new book. I still may try building something else, but for now I have more than enough to keep me busy.

My pace has changed as the realization that gaming with a group will still be a while away. I have finally slowed down slightly and plan on taking my time in these next few months. With the new gang books I’ve had lots of wondrous ideas for death and mayhem opportunities, and as these will be a way off, I will have lots of time to properly plan and execute my ideas.

As with the construction of scenery so is the construction of the narrative. The two often dovetail, requiring each other for maximum effect. I’ve got lots prepared and more on the horizon and will start putting it all together as a useful campaign. Normally I would prefer Arbitration by committee (rules talk pre and post game…) but should be able to write it out in the next several articles, before coming to a final setting and package for the next campaign…no matter how far away.

This Prize Fighter begs the question; why do they sell you the whole seat, when you only need the edge!?!

I thought I’d finish up with one of the quicker mini-projects inspired by the Book Of Iron. House Orlock has access to a Prize Fighter. I grabbed the Heroclix Steve Austin, removed him from the clicky base, trimmed, re-painted his feet, stuck him to a painted Necromunda base and added the flares from the Rick Flare model in the same pack. I didn’t even re-paint this guy, just a quick dip for shading and finished. Too simple a project to start 2021? Possibly, but I do love this little guy just the way he is. Simple and done is my motto heading into 2021.

Feeling good about the coming year, lots to do, lots to be released and a giant sized good time, sometime to come. Next time we will have a look at what being a fair and balanced Arbitrator means. Why miss it? Got somewhere better to be? See you next time!

– Uncle Mike

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