What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Dec 21-27

It has been a busy few days for the store, and the staff but let’s take some time to look at what they all got up to over their brief, but much needed break!

Greg and Tracy got Tidal Blades: Heroes of the Reef to the table for their 6th game. “We both tried different characters out – Caiman for Tracy and Dust for me. I’ve now tried all five of the characters out. We also used the Special Announcements variant again, rather than the personal goals. It ended up being super close, with just one point separating us, despite going for different strategies.”

Greg got in another play of Barrage, a game he really enjoys. “Tracy feels like she doesn’t understand it or feel like she knows what to do, but I think she’s starting to get the hang of it. I played using the faction from the expansion, but without actually adding the rest of the expansion content. I managed to get a decent little combo of two dams together so that by the end I was able to generate over 30 energy worth of power. Hopefully we can add the expansion content soon to give that a try.”

Greg and Tracy also tried out the new arrival Lost Ruins of Arnak. “This is a worker placement and deck building game where players are discovering and digging new sites, overcoming the guardians of those sites, researching to find the lost temple, and picking up artifacts and items to help along the way. The components are great, with little stone tablets, arrowheads and gems as types of resource. The game mechanics seemed a little thrown together at first, but the turns soon started to flow quite easily. It seemed like there wasn’t going to be enough time to do anything, but the game did ramp up in the  last couple of rounds. I thought I had the win by virtue of being ahead on research but Tracy ended with way more points from cards than me and won by a couple of points.”

They played again later in the week. “We got this back to the table and I went in with a clear plan this time: Discover as many sites as possible and defeat the guardians there. If I could advance on the research track and pick up some cards along the way all the better. It totally didn’t work. Tracy improved on her score from the last game whereas I scored less than the first game, so it’s back to the drawing board for next time. We may try out the other side of the board as it has some differences in the research track and dig cost, and looks more interesting.”

Kris finally got Bohnanza to the table! “I bought this game from The Sentry Box before I started working there and it’s only just hitting the table now. :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: I have played it before and enjoyed it but we just never got it too the table. I really enjoy the trading mechanic (which is effectively the entire game!)”

Greg finished reading Lilith’s Brood by Octavia E Butler. “I picked this up after searching for good sci-fi books from BIPOC authors and I’m glad I did. It’s set after most of the population of earth are killed in a big global war, with aliens coming and saving what’s left with a plan to integrate and breed with the survivors. I always enjoy reading new ideas for aliens and how they would interact with humans and this was a pretty interesting take on it.”

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