What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Dec 7-13

Tracy and Greg got Fossilis back to the table for another game. “It’s not a heavy game by any stretch of the imagination but it did bring out Tracy’s analysis paralysis pretty well. After a couple of games I feel like the strategic choices are limited, but it’s still a fun and enjoyable game to play.”

Greg and Tracy also played a couple of Exit games starting with Exit: The Enchanted Forest. “This was a pretty cute fairy tale themed game, with lots of familiar characters. There was a fair amount of cutting involved, so if you’re someone who likes to try to preserve your Exit games to pass on this is a difficult one to do that with. It was fairly easy for the most part, with just two riddles giving us enough trouble to warrant using clue cards. You also get to show off your skills of an artist throughout, which Tracy was delighted about.”

Later in the week they played Exit: The Cemetery of the Knight. “This one had a definite Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade feel to it, trying to get into a Knight’s tomb to find an artifact. It was a definite step up in difficulty after the last one. I’m not sure if we were just tired or if things were actually more opaque and hard to figure out, but we ended up needing quite a few clue cards. It took us just over 90 minutes too. There were some good puzzles in there though, and we both still enjoyed playing.”

They also tried another Cluesolvers game, The Time Machine. “This is actually the third Cluesolvers I’ve done because we also did the Titanic one last week. This was another fun one with friends, chatting over Zoom to discuss the answers. This one involved finding the city and year of various events in history in order to track down the missing professor. A mixture of knowledge and searching got us all the answers fairly quickly and we ended up top of the Leaderboard.”

Tidal Blades: Heroes of the Reef also got back to Greg and Tracy’s table. “I got a chance to play Eko again, with the full five round game, and I think we finally got all the rules right without missing anything. The game started pretty badly for both of us, with the dice not working out and shells seemingly scarce meaning each of us failed some challenges. Things started to pick up for me but not for Tracy, so it ended with me having an ok score and Tracy having a low one. We’re both still learning the best strategy for each character though, so hopefully we’ll get better.”

Following the Timber Wolf ‘Mech Chris finished a couple weeks ago, he has now wrapped up his first full unit (or “Star”) of new miniatures for Battletech. “Pictured here are my Executioner, Summoner, Stormcrow and Shadow Cat from Clan Wolf. The revamped designs from the Clan Invasion Kickstarter continue to impress me with their stylish updates of classic designs that I’ve known since I was a kid. However, some of these miniatures needed a little bit of work and re-posing to get the look I was after. One side benefit of the knife work is that I was able to paint the main colors on the legs and torsos when they were separate pieces, so there was no risk of getting drybrushing where I didn’t want it. I tried to improve the finish of my red stripes this time around by using super-thin strips of Tamiya masking tape, but with mixed results – in some cases it worked quite well, but a couple of the stripes bled under the tape and made a big mess I had to clean up by hand. Nonetheless, I’m really happy with how these turned out and I’ve already got a bunch more new Clan ‘Mechs to prep on my painting desk.”

Greg took out My First Castle Panic, playing as a family of four for the first time. “Luke was able to join in with some help and managed to make it through one short game that we lost quite quickly and then a second longer game that we won.  Alex can play this easily now, and is a little better at understanding the tactical decisions. Overall it’s a great choice for young kids.”

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