What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Nov 30-Dec 6

Greg and Tracy got Viscounts of the West Kingdom back to the table, “To try to make sure I got the rules down properly and don’t forget any little things (which I did last time). I still forgot one thing but I think I’ll be good for next time. In this game Tracy went heavy on manuscripts and ended up earning a whopping 50 points, plus 25 more in bonus points from them. I went for workers in the castle and a bit of building, and, as in the first game, Tracy thought I was crushing her only to end up winning the game herself. We both scored much better this time and it ended up being very close, with her winning 118 – 116.”

Greg and Tracy also tried new arrival Fossilis, “This new Kickstarter is a light to medium set collection game where players are paleontologists who are digging up fossils from a central dig site. Material tiles cover the site and players dig up the material to uncover fossils below, which can be extracted and used to score dinosaur cards. Removed tiles can also be used to obtain tool or supply cards, giving in game bonuses. It was a fun and unique game, with the dig site adding an interesting spatial element. There are suggestions in the rules for how to simplify the game to play with young children too, so I may give it a try with Alex sometime.”

Tracy and I got Tidal Blades: Heroes of the Reef back to the table and this time they played the extra round (5 instead of 4) and they added in the advanced market cards, monsters and legendary challenges. “I also tried out the only character we hadn’t used yet, Caiman, while Tracy played Dust again. I definitely enjoyed playing the extra round. It’s kind of like a pre-round because you only get two actions and there is no threat of a monster attack, so it just gives you a little extra time to prep and build up. The advanced cards made things more interesting too, and with the legendary challenges you only use a few of the available cards each game, so we still have more to discover. I’m really liking the balance of tactical and strategic play, and the dice rolling is fairly well mitigated so I don’t feel it’s chaotic at all.”

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