What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Nov 23-29

Tia’s copy of Etherfields came in the mail this week! “The box is definitely a beast. I can’t wait to get it to the table … at some point.”

Greg has been wanting to get Underwater Cities back to the table and picking up the Folded Space insert for it was the excuse he needed. “I’d played a few times multiplayer but never two player, and Tracy hadn’t played at all so we did a rules explanation one night and played the next. I do very much enjoy the combination of worker placement and hand management,  alongside the engine building. It’s a really solid, meaty game that I enjoy every time.”

A little while ago Sue did a Talisman: Kingdom Hearts conversion of Final Fantasy’s Rikku using Green Stuff and a GW ponytail. “But I did it with Rikku’s hair as it appears in Kingdom Hearts.. which I’m not crazy about. I decided to change it to her more classic and recognizable hair from cover art and promotional picture from Final Fantasy 10-2. I stole the ponytail from my Start Collecting: Slaves to Darkness box set which amuses me as Rikku is happy go lucky.. I would not describe the Chaos Warriors from the box set the same way… I changed Rikku’s outfit to a Kingdom Hearts black cloak.”

Speaking of Final Fantasy, Sue painted some Chocobos. “Coca Cola put these models out and they’re made out of a soft red plastic. Though not ideal for painting, I believe you can paint just about anything with mini paints. I used Wraith Bone Primer, and mostly Contrast Paints. Iyanden Yellow and, my favorite, Apothecary White. These are not miniatures designed for painting, so there was some pooling, but nothing a little highlighting couldn’t fix.”

Luke pulled Animal Upon Animal out and was playing around with the pieces for a bit, but then Greg decided to try playing a proper game with him. “I obviously had to tell him what to do and what it meant when he rolled the die, but he had the patience to play along and finish the game. He actually won too!”

Greg picked up Heroes of Kaskari to try with Alex as she likes treasure and fantasy themes. “Luke started playing too but it was a bit much for him so he bowed out. Alex ended up getting her cliffrunner to the amulet one turn before I was about to, and she won 19-18. She wanted to play again right away, so that’s a good sign!” 

Greg tried out Cluesolvers: The Brotherhood: Beginnings, an online mystery/clue game from a company based in Canmore. “You buy a card with a scratch off area (sold at The Sentry Box obviously) to get a code, which you then enter into a free app. The app directs you to find the answers to clues, which you then input to get the next clue. The cool thing is that you can play with people anywhere as it’s online and if multiple people have the app it syncs them up. Players need to do research online to find the answers to the clues, using Google or similar. Tracy and I played with our friends Lani and Matt, with us in our house and them in theirs, using video chat to discuss our thoughts. It was quite fun and interesting, and costs just $19 for 2 hours worth of entertainment for the four of us. We’re going to try out some of the other options soon.”

Greg picked up new arrival Viscounts of the West Kingdom, the final game in the West Kingdom Trilogy, “It’s another great game. It has elements of deck building and hand management, with players playing a card every turn into a cycling row of their own cards, with cards in the row providing symbols used in the main action of the turn. The card played determines how far the player’s Viscount moves, and the space they end on limits what actions can be performed. Players can recruit new cards into their deck, gaining access to new abilities and more symbols. Tracy focused on getting workers into the castle, whereas I focused on building, and also played without using any criminals, which are powerful but also gain you corruption. It turned out not to be ideal for me. The end game scoring is really interesting as it forces some balance between getting debts and deeds, and without any criminals I was almost exclusively getting deeds. It ended kind of close but Tracy took the win.”

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