What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Oct 26-Nov 1

Greg played Tawantinsuyu: The Incan Empire. “Another medium-heavy Euro starting with the letter T and set in ancient times, following in the footsteps of Tzolk’in, Teotihuacan and Tekhenu. This one is a worker placement game of sorts, with workers of different kinds being recruited by the players and sent out to perform tasks by the priests in the temple. It’s a bit of a point salad too, with players able to score for a variety of things such as weaving tapestries, building statues, steps and buildings, or advancing on the temple track. This game is right up my alley and offers a great balance of strategic and tactical play. Definitely a winner for me!”

Sue painted her Star Wars Legion: Rebel Veteran squad leaders. “The Ishi Tib is a conversion from the Rebel Troopers Upgrade Expansion pack. The greenish yellowish skin is Zandri Dust with Coelia Greenshade over top. For the skintone on the human, I used Bloodreaver Flesh with a brown wash over top. Other than that, my whole team is pretty much sponsored by Apothecary White. Legion models are a fairly large scale, making fine detail work a little easier than some smaller scale models.”

Sue also shares some Green Stuff miniature conversions. “I wanted to add more aliens to my Star Wars Legion Hoth team. Because they are wearing scarves, the conversions were pretty easy. In some cases, just roll a small ball of Green Stuff and plop the head down. In other cases, use a sculpting tool, or the back of a hobby knife, to create the folds in the scarf. Rotate the model and/or the tool for smoother results. If you drag the tool across the Green Stuff, you’ll end up with extra Green Stuff at the end. For the alien feet, I just molded Green Stuff around the feet that came with the original model, so they would have the same shape.”

Danielle painted these two beds. “I love all the details put into them :)”

Danielle’s first attempt at sculpting! “I’m trying to make fish to go in the pond on the farm. But they definitely need to be smaller. I’m letting them dry/cure overnight before I try painting them since one broke while painting this evening.”

Tracy saw that Renee had played The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine recently and wanted her and Greg to get back to their campaign. “We played through missions 9 to 12 and mostly had no trouble apart from mission 11 where I messed up in game one and then we didn’t communicate well in game two. It’s definitely an interesting challenge!”

Game 17 of The Rise of Queensdale proved to be final game of Greg and Tracy’s campaign. “Tracy needed to win and have me not reach my goal in order to keep the campaign going but she was only able to reach her goal the same round as I reached mine. That meant I completed my Tower and the Queen was able to move into my section of the castle. I was knighted and had a statue erected as a result. The game is now playable with how it ended up, and no further legacy elements in use. I enjoyed the legacy aspects, unlocking new rules and new elements, but I found the gameplay to be only ok. I felt that the dice action selection mechanism didn’t change enough over the campaign. Overall, it was a fun experience,  but I’m not sure I’ll be clamouring to play it again now the campaign is over.”

Tia’s shows us her WIP for Teclis and Celennar. “They’re lava themed to match the rest of my lumineth.  The idea for the base is that the ‘heat’ is coming from Celennar, so I’ve made it bright just where the feet touch the base. I’ve done some air brushing for the wings (I’ll go back later and add more detail). Right now I’m focusing on finishing Teclis, so I’ve been adding in some details for him. I was flip-flopping on what color I wanted his armor, but I ended up going with a grey, with a trim that has a gradient from red to yellow. I also did a similar gradient for his horns. I’m almost done painting the base colors, so my next plan is to add some washes and do some highlighting, especially on his clothes since I feel like they look a little flat right now. This is my first attempt at painting a large centerpiece model. It’s pretty intimidating, but I’m taking my time with it and I’m hoping it turns out well!”

Jenn and Renee finished their Space Base: The Emergence of Shy Pluto campaign. “We got to open Mystery Box 2 which contained more exciting goodies for the game which we liked so much we immediately played the game again with the new module. We both really enjoyed playing through the campaign itself and it was a creative way to introduce the new components and modules. We already loved Space Base and having these added to the game has us even more excited about the game.”

Renee and Jenn played Forbidden Desert on request from Jenn. “We hadn’t played this cooperative game in a while so we played a game on the Novice level to remind ourselves of the rules and won easily. We then played again on the normal level and while we won, it was more challenging and required a bit more planning. I’d like to try again on Expert as I think the game is best enjoyed when each and every choice really matters and you feel like you really earned the win.”

Jenn also requested they play That’s Pretty Clever as they hadn’t in a while. “Playing it again was a real treat and I enjoyed rediscovering my love for what I consider the best roll and write game out there.”

Clever Cubed, the third game in the That’s Pretty Clever! series, was announced a while ago and was recently released both in Germany and as an app. It’s rumoured to be arriving on this side of the pond early next year, but Renee is inpatient so she made her own copy using a screen shot from the app. “I know me telling you that I absolutely love this isn’t going to be “news” or “surprising”. But what if I told you I like this more than Twice as Clever!? You can absolutely look forward to me recommending this once it arrives at the store.”

We finish this week’s update with Greg and Tracy’s play of Escape Tales: Low Memory. “Like the previous Escape Tales game we had played this is a longer game that is split into three parts. Each part follows one person in a larger story, with Part One following Elizabeth Weber, the wife of a security expert who wakes up to find their home ransacked and her memory to be hazy. It’s definitely got a bit of a Choose Your Own Adventure feel to it, with branching paths so that the way your story plays out may be quite different to another group playing the same game. Now I’m curious about how it plays out in parts two and three.”

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