What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Oct 5-11

Greg and Tracy played another Escape Room: The Game expansion, Secret Agent. “In this one you are a British spy who is trying to get information about the plans of the General of a newly formed country.

First you have to gain access to the palace, then get the information from a safe in the General’s room, and finally escape on a private subway under the palace. Luckily you get some help from Miss Pennymoney. This was rated as 3/5 for difficulty, but didn’t give us too much trouble, and we finished with over 15 minutes to spare. There was a puzzle in the third part that some groups just might not be able to get through no fault of their own, but you do get given the solution to that puzzle eventually, if needed. Overall I quite enjoyed it!”

Greg and Tracy played the hard side of the Clank base game board, using two of the other new characters from the Adventuring Party expansion. “I chose Agnet the Dwarf, who focuses primarily on companion cards. Tracy chose the mage who builds up mana tokens and can spend them to use special abilities like duplicating a card, or discarding a card to draw another card. I’m loving the new characters, they really do spice things up in an awesome way!”

Sue painted the Queen of Dungeons & Dragons from the WizKids, Castle: Royal Court set. “I couldn’t wait for this set to come out! I mostly used Contrast Paints for this model. The skin and dress are thinned down Contrast Paints, as I wanted her to be pale, like the kind of person who doesn’t have to work in the sun, and I didn’t want her dress to blend in with her hair too much even though they’re two different yellows.
This model was quick and easy to paint!”

Sue also painted Minsc and Boo from Forgotten Realms. “Mini is a WizKids pre-primed D&D mini. I did his face tattoo before adding the contrast paint (Darkoath Flesh) and added an extra dab of contrast paint to his lips to make them stand out a bit more. For Boo, I painted dots of light brown contrast paint and a couple of black dots for the face and then put white contrast paint over the whole thing. I think this model is quite true to the artwork of this character(s), so all that is really required to make it look like them is basically the same colors.. and that distinctive purple face tattoo.”

Greg picked up Pendulum, the new game from Stonemaier, as it sounded intriguing. “It’s a worker placement, resource management game, but it uses an interesting timed element. When an action row has a sand timer next to it, workers can’t be moved to or from that row, but can perform the action of the space they are on. After the timer has run out, any player may flip it to the other row, freeing workers to be moved from the original row and allowing workers on the new row to perform their actions. After a certain number of flips there is an untimed council phase where players receive bonuses. After the fourth council phase the game is over and if someone has all four of their victory point markers in the scoring section they are in the running to win. There is also an option to play part or all of the game untimed, and that is recommended for your first game to get the hang of it. I’m looking forward to trying a timed game now as I feel that’s the real game and will ramp up the tension and the required planning!”

The theme of Deckscape: The Curse of the Sphinx appealed to Greg so he had high hopes. “The puzzles were a mix of pretty easy and quite baffling. There were a couple that we spent a fair bit of time on but ended up being quite a logical leap. Overall it felt like one of the weaker Deckscapes but I still had fun with some of the puzzles.”

Renee and family wanted a quick game after lunch so Christopher picked Llama. “For reasons that aren’t clear to us – other than luck of the card draw – Christopher so clearly dominates this game each and every time.”

Renee finally broke the shrink off the first Sagrada expansion, Passion, and got in 3 plays with Jenn to check out the new modules. “Passions adds Inspiration cards, which give each player a unique ability during the game, generally a once per round action. It also adds rare glass dice with a set of panels that are used as the third tool each game, each with a different way of adding a rare glass die to your window to help you complete a private objective given to each player at the start of the game. Lastly there is a set of scoring objectives that reward points for symmetry in your window. We hadn’t played in a while and it was a lot of fun getting this dice drafting game to the table again and we both enjoyed the expansion.”

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