What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Sept 28-Oct 4

Chris played another 500-point Combat Patrol game getting to know Warhammer 40k 9th Edition, where his Orks took on some spikey Chaos boyz. “I took a deliberately weird list this time with a couple of units that I rarely get to field. My custom-built Gunwagon had never seen the table before and my Deff Dread – dubbed “Killface” – had managed to accomplish very little in his previous career. That changed tonight however, as Killface managed to charge in and take on two characters and a squad of Chaos Marines almost single-handed (if giant mechanical saws count as hands?) and weather hit after hit, leaving him battered, smoking and victorious at the end of the game with only a single, hard-fought wound point left!”

Renee and Jenn got in a couple more plays of Space Base with the Shy Pluto expansion, progressing a few more steps in their campaign, including getting to open Mystery Box 1! “Without revealing any spoilers, the contents of the box were a lot of fun! Definitely an expansion that we’ll be playing with again even after the campaign is done. We’re really enjoying this!”

Greg and Tracy played three more games of The Rise of Queensdale this week. “We’re both now on Epoch 7 of 9 (Jeri), although I’ve met the goal once already (you need to meet the goal twice to complete the epoch). Lots of crazy shenanigans have happened, particularly at the end of the most recent game. All my information from the fortune teller has come to pass now, so I’m going into the last stages with no foreknowledge.”

Renee saw a customer pick up Maharani the other day, a game she hadn’t played in a while so she pulled out her copy and played with her Dad and Jenn. “This is a tile laying game where you get points for creating colour blocks and groups of your workers. The center dial rotates so that on your turn the arrows on the tiles are pointing at you and as the tiles have to match the column placements in the palace, the tiles end up being slightly different for each player, which is a cool mechanic. It’s a lighter game but still has some decent choices with every turn. We all enjoyed playing it again.”

Greg played Clank, “We were originally supposed to play the final game of our Legacy campaign, but sadly that had to be postponed. Since I was all psyched for some Clank I brought out the Gold expedition board and added in characters from the new Adventuring Party expansion. I chose Whiskers, because kitty. The new characters definitely shake things up quite a bit, and Whiskers causes extra dragon attacks, so it ended up being quite a brutal game. I had a lot of cards with boots, and was able to pick up lots of gold too. I bought lots of market items and was able to grab two artifacts and head close to the exit before I got knocked out. Tracy was still in the depths and only on one health at that point, so the end was nigh. My turn saw me empty the bag completely, knocking Tracy out in the depths, giving me the win.”

The model on the left is the first WizKids Dungeons and Dragons unpainted miniature Sue ever painted. “Recently, I picked up the WizKids Premium Edition of the same model. I like how they look similar but different. I’m quite impressed by the paint jobs on the premium models!”

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