What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Aug 31-Sept 6

Greg and Tracy played Escape Room: The Game: Wild West Express. “This one had a difficulty rating of 2.5/5 which is on the easier side, and it mostly was fairly straightforward. As is often the case though, we sometimes overlook something initially. This one involves being captured by bandits on a train and having to escape the cell, uncouple the train cars, unmask the leader and fix the train so it can slow down before crashing. It was a fun one!”

Danielle played Lost Cities with Roman and actually won for the first time in awhile.

Then she played Root for the second time as the woodland Alliance. “I can see why people enjoy this game.”

Tracy pulled Tang Garden off the shelf for another two player game with Greg. “I focused fairly heavily on decorations as I had the Empress as my starting character and thought I’d try to make use of her power. I also got the Emperor on the board and got him in a good spot looking at two dragons with some other decorations in his line of sight. Tracy focused a bit more on playing garden tiles but couldn’t quite get a 4th character card to help her score.”

Greg picked up Mariposas the new Elizabeth Hargrave (of Wingspan fame) game, this time about migrating butterflies. “It’s a fairly light game, with low interaction, but is enjoyable and there are a few different strategies to go for. I made a mistake near the end which cost me some points, but Tracy was far enough ahead that it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. Another fun and beautiful game!”

Renee and Jenn played a quick game of Age of War, “A light dice game that we continue to enjoy playing when we’re looking for something quick with no set up. The rolls can be ridiculously frustrating but that’s exactly why we like it.”

Renee, Jenn and Christopher tried the Box of Treats expansion for Cat Lady. “The expansion adds enough cards to allow you to play with 2 more players, making it a 2-6 player game. In addition it adds new cards like boxes, treats and paper bags. We enjoyed the new mechanics. Definitely worth getting if you enjoy the game and/or want to play with more players.”

Renee and Jenn also played Mariposas. “I’ve been excited about this game ever since I saw it at GAMA earlier this year. It’s another fun gateway game that looks fantastic on the table. There are 3 scoring seasons with different objectives and both of us found ourselves focusing too much on the initial objectives – which required us to breed butterflies and move them around the top part of the board – and we both failed miserably at the final fall objective – bringing our 4th generation butterflies back home at the bottom of the board. I like that there are a stack of different scoring objectives for each season so each game will feel a little different. We are both looking forward to playing again! Side note: The game comes with handy little trays for the flower tokens that double as storage containers. A very nice touch.”

Greg and his group got together for another session of Clank Legacy. “We destroyed a lot of cards in this, our 9th game so far. We’re close to the end now and I’m still enjoying it very much. I like regular Clank a lot, but the Legacy version, and the ongoing unfolding story takes it to the next level. I definitely hope they are working on a Clank Legacy 2 as I want more!

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