Bolt Action Starter Set; A Build Blog by Howard Nason

Part 6 of 6 – Buildings & Fortifications

At last, I’m in the home stretch.  With all the figures painted along with the half-track, I have the buildings from the starter set to finish off and some fortifications for scenery.

I started with the farm buildings and the assembly was straightforward.  These buildings are a little finicky to put together.  Not difficult, but the fit won’t be perfect.  I didn’t sweat it for these, and once the paint is on most folks won’t notice little gaps etc.

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What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Aug 3-9

Greg and Tracy played Dawn: Rise of the Occulites:

This is essentially a skirmish miniatures game, but it takes place on a hex board unlike most miniatures games. Players control a tribe of Occulites and, depending on the scenario, are trying to fulfil the scenario objectives to score points and win the game. Tracy and I played the introductory scenario using just the basic rules, which means all Occulites had the same stats and some things were simplified. In the full game your tribe can be customized and the different types of tribe have different abilities. You can also play a campaign where your tribe will improve and gain new abilities as they go on. The game came with the option of painted or unpainted minis, so naturally I took the painted option and they look really great on the table!

The second picture above is Tracy’s defence roll where she rolled nine dice and needed 4 or less on each die for a success (50% chance per die). She failed to get any and it meant her Occulite died a horrible death. Also, this time last year I had a list of unplayed games (Shelf of Shame) that was 90+ games. I’ve made a concerted effort to reduce that and have managed to get that number down to just five games, with plans to get it down to zero if possible. Yay me!

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Book Of Peril Projects and Half of a Review of Zombicide: Invader…

Last time I set the rather lofty goal of getting together all the superfluous models and scenery needed to play in the Badzones settings of the Book of Peril. While I like nothing more than fleshing out my tabletop world, I am always cognizant of the costs involved. Which is to say that Games Workshop stuff is the top of the pile in price as well as quality.

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Games Workshop Contrast Paints: Part 2 – Pre-Primed Miniatures

In Part 1 of our look at GW’s Contrast Paint range, we gave our first impressions of the paints, and I said that I wanted to take a look at how they interacted with some other miniatures and show some fun ways of using them.

Hopefully, we start that in Part 2!
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What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – July 27-Aug 2


Greg has been meaning to play the classic Go for a while but has been too intimidated. “Tracy and I finally gave it a shot playing just on a 9×9 grid to see if we could figure it out. There are apparently some slightly different rules variations out there, but we just tried what came in the box. I think we got the rules right, but it’s the kind of game where I feel like having an expert around would help. In any case we both had no idea what we were doing, and it ended up being a close game.”

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Painting Miniature Faces

In this article Sue discusses painting miniature heads using highlighting and fine detail in conjunction with Contrast Paints. For her demonstration, she is using some Sisters of Battle Retributor heads. She personally likes these heads because one head is making a face and the other has a really severe haircut.

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