What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Aug 17-23


Greg and Tracy started Escape Tales: The Awakening, “This is another different style of escape room game. It’s also one that is a bit more of an adventure game, with a story book full of passages to read as you go through. The box says it takes 3-6 hours to complete, but you can ‘save’ the game and come back to it, so Tracy and I played an hour or so, making it through the first two rooms completely. So far it’s pretty good, and uses a similar, but slightly different system to some other escape room/adventure games.”


It took Tracy and Greg two more sessions to complete this adventure, about 4-5 hours in total. “We both enjoyed it, and I think out of this, the Scooby Doo Coded Chronicles Game and the Adventure Game we liked the system for this the best overall. Having said that, some of the puzzles in this were a bit obscure as far as even knowing what to do, and the ending was a bit anticlimactic. The story line was also a little dark in this one. I have another Escape Tales Game to try though, so hopefully it’ll be fun and a bit more lighthearted.”


Danielle finished the kitchen in her new miniature house!

Image from iOS - 2020-08-23T134741.136

Renee got a chance to play Kingdomino with Christopher and her Dad this week. “This is another great game for the 3 of us because it has a quick set up time, plays quickly and it’s easy to remember how to play once we get going. I think this is a great game to play with kids to reinforce simple multiplications – each turn they have to do simple math to figure out how many points a tile will add to their kingdom. For me, the work of domino placement so that you can still add tiles to your best areas is somehow the hardest, so there is a nice puzzling element there.”

Image from iOS - 2020-08-23T134806.107

Christopher asked to play Queendomino so Jenn and Renee played it with him. “He understood the new mechanics it introduces but I don’t feel like he thought it made the game more fun for him. Christopher really likes to focus on a couple of elements of a game and I think this gave him more choices than he likes or needs on a turn. We’ll see if he asks to play it again, but regardless, Jenn and I still really enjoy it.”

Image from iOS - 2020-08-23T134834.079

Jenn and Renee played a couple more games of Space Base with the Shy Pluto expansion. “We’ve added a few more elements to the game and we’ve both been bad at remembering things – certain roles triggering something – and excited when we do remember. So far we’ve really been enjoying it.”


Jenn and Renee also played another Deckscape game: The Mystery Of Eldorado. “The game uses the details in the flavour text in later puzzles which made it a bit more challenging for us than it should have. We tend to focus on the puzzles and breeze over the story elements, which definitely made parts of this confusing. The introduction to the story definitely told us this, so we can’t blame the game for sure. The puzzles are a good mix of classic simple puzzles and reasoning/logic puzzles which makes it interesting. It definitely felt sometimes like you just had to come up with a decent rationale for your answer rather than there being one clear answer to a puzzle. So it was a bit of a mixed bag for us. Enjoyed it overall.”


Greg and Tracy played Escape Room: The Game – 2 Players, “This edition comes with two full scenarios as well as an introductory scenario. It doesn’t come with the decoder box so it’s a bit cheaper, saying to either use a decoder from another box (which we have), or the app. The introductory scenario was very easy indeed and we breezed through it quickly. The first main scenario, Prison Island, also started quite easily and we completed part one quickly. In part two we figured out what we had to do with the components pretty quickly, but could not see how it was supposed to give us an answer. We spent over 30 minutes trying to come up with something before a hint finally helped. Part three also had us stumped for a bit, before we finally had a lightbulb moment and managed to solve it with about five minutes left on the clock. Overall we both spent too much time with no idea what to do to say we really enjoyed it, but I will say I enjoyed parts of it.”


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