What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Aug 3-9

Greg picked up Super Dungeon Explore when it came out years ago, and even painted some of the minis, “But the rule book is a complete mess and it put me off actually playing. I finally got around to trying an ‘8-bit’ game with Tracy, just to see if we could get our heads around it. One of the things that drew me to it was the Gauntlet-style monster generators, and they are a cool feature for sure. The basics are pretty simple, it’s the special abilities and effects that have you constantly checking the rule book, at least at first. It was a fun, light dungeon crawler though, and it doesn’t outstay it’s welcome. I’d like to play a 16-bit (full) game now. In this game Tracy’s Ember Mage and Ranger overcame my mini boss Rex, although I almost killed that pesky mage. Next time!”


Sue finished painting her Noctis conversion from the Talisman: Kingdom Hearts Board Game. “I primed him Wraith Bone and used the Contrast paint Guilliman Flesh for his skin. I actually tried to do several different shades of black.. though it all kind of ended up looking the same. I used the Contrast paint Black Templar for his overshirt and pants. I used Eshin Grey under the Black Templar for parts like his boots to try and make them look blacker and shinier. He is the first miniature I finished for this board game and I’m looking forward to getting him on the board!”

Rene and Jenn both played Queendomino a couple of times about a year ago and remembering how much they enjoyed it, Renee finally picked it up for Jenn’s birthday. “After we played it today we both agreed we really like this variation of Kingdomino. It adds a few additional mechanics which make the choices each turn a bit more interesting. A new terrain, towns, allows you to buy buildings from a market which give you knights, towers plus end game scoring bonuses. You use knights to gain income by adding them to just placed tiles. You use towers to gain the favour of the queen, making buying future tiles cheaper. Jenn and I had very different strategies, but the game was close, Jenn beating me 153 – 152. So happy I picked this up! We also used the promo tower we got a while ago for the first time and it made distributing the tiles so easy!”

Image from iOS - 2020-08-15T172429.693

Renee and Jenn also busted out the Shy Pluto expansion for Space Base. “We already love Space Base, so this is really just giving us a reason to play it with a bit more purpose. Shy Pluto is story driven, with you revealing story cards, adding rules or discovery cards (ship cards) to the decks as instructed, with specific criteria triggering the next story card. We only played one game and never actually triggered the second story card, so not much to review yet. But we’re definitely excited about playing the game more and finding out what is in the mystery boxes and when we get to use the new dice!”

Image from iOS - 2020-08-15T172458.701

Renee, Jenn and their Dad pulled out another family favourite this week, Alhambra. “We’ve played this almost exclusively as a 3 person game and having played it at higher counts, I’ve decided this is my favourite player count. You can keep track of what the other players are doing in regards to collecting buildings and you get to build a nice and big Alhambra. Mine got a little unruly this time, but I had a nice big wall and squeaked out a win.”

Image from iOS - 2020-08-15T172520.929

They also played Krass Kariert! “As we know, I love this game so it’s weird that it probably hasn’t hit the table in almost half a year. I’m excited that it’s finally available in Canada, as Dealt!, so that more people get to discover this fun parlour style card game. I definitely recommend this to people who want to play a newer game with folks that love classic card games.”


Renee finished reading Firefly Legacy Edition Book Two. “This collection is mostly made up of 2 stories: Leaves on the Wind and No Power in the ‘Verse. Both taking place after the Serenity movie, you get 2 nice meaty stories of the continuing adventures of the Firefly gang. Well written and beautifully illustrated, an easy recommendation for fans of the original series.”


Greg finally got Antiquity, a meaty Splotter Spellen to the table. “It took Tracy and me a couple of nights to get it played as there’s quite a bit to it. It’s quite an unforgiving game, with the possibility of a player losing the game by having their city filled with graves due to famine. It was definitely a learning game but we both want to try it again now that we’ve figured out the rules.”

Image from iOS - 2020-08-16T114948.410

Maddie played Second Chance, “This is basically the Roll-and-write version of my favourite phone game BlockuDoku. Jamie, Mike and I are having tons of fun!”

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