Book Of Peril Projects and Half of a Review of Zombicide: Invader…

Last time I set the rather lofty goal of getting together all the superfluous models and scenery needed to play in the Badzones settings of the Book of Peril. While I like nothing more than fleshing out my tabletop world, I am always cognizant of the costs involved. Which is to say that Games Workshop stuff is the top of the pile in price as well as quality.

As a Dad, my cash is usually spent on ‘responsibilities’, leaving much less for my hobby. Not to fear! I have figured out a cunning solution: buy another game and cut it up for Necromunda stuff.
Sorry Zombicide: Invader, you look great, are affordably priced, and may even be a good game, but I’ll never know.

I just want to chop you into pieces…

Let me just say that the Zombicide franchise has spawned some rabid fans as well as great-looking models, so they must be doing something right. The price and quality and simply the amount of stuff make this purchase a no-brainer for me. I just thought it was worth stating before I get chopping. I’ve gotten the ‘all-in’ Kickstarter pledge here with lots and lots of fantastic science-fictiony stuff. With just a quick look through the boxes, I can see I will have project fodder for ages. But don’t worry, I’ll be going through a bunch of official scenery here as well.

Necromunda is a planet in the Imperium of Man in the Warhammer 40, 000 universe, which usually (for me, at least…) requires slavish devotion to the intellectual property. For some reason, I like my Necromunda to be slightly different while still obviously being within the established universe, which affords me more creative freedom…or the setting seems to call out for it. Many profiles in Necromunda have no models so modeling has always been a larger part of the setting, and the weirdos who gravitate toward it, I guess…best not think too deeply on it.


First things first: Get some new recruits for my Orlock gang. Meet Crybaby (Juve), Big Mamma (New Boss), and Daisy (Juve)



This is only HALF of these guys. Plenty of Brainleaf Zombies for when you screw up a few rolls

My first thoughts when cracking open a new kit (or boxed game, in this case…) always revolve around ‘what’s in it for me?’. Obviously, it’s all for me…I’m talking usability for my gang! There are plenty of models in Zombicide: Invader and more than a few that fit the overall theme of my gang. One of my main complaints about the Necromunda boxed sets is the lack of suitable and recognizable Juves, I’m going to fix that first.

Again, there are plenty of options in the box, the models scale up well with Games Workshop stuff and fit the setting nicely. I changed out the hands and weapons on the Juves, as well as adding a single shoulder pad to each model. Before painting, I magnetized a spot on Big Mamma’s back for her Long Laz (plans for later…). Pleased with these new recruits and eager to get going now!

The Badzone Event: Brainleaf Outbreak requires that you come prepared with multiple zombie models, as there are multiple triggers that will produce zombies in-game. Sounds complicated but all it means is that you need a bunch of cool-looking zombies…kinda plenty, if you can find ’em. Zombicide delivers again with lots and lots of those. Something like 18 of the ones pictured and a few other poses as well. It says ‘Zombie’ on the side of the box for a reason!


True, there are no rules for Ripperjacks in this edition of Necro…yet. Less concerned about usability as these are a great sculpt and so much fun to paint!

The cardboard tiles from the Zombicide game are another nice bonus, I count twelve, double-sided, spacy themed tiles. Necromunda tiles from the Underhive box are bigger but not by much, so these can be added for some variety. I’ve taken some of the pictures in this article with these as a background, so you can get the idea. My favorite aspect of these are the Airlocks and outside spaces…just begging for some penalty for models not wearing a Respirator. Anyway, a cool addition to my Zone Mortalis terrain is always welcome.

Next, I’m onto the big monsters, of which there are many, in the Zombicide: Invader box. The ecology of Necromuna deserves a book of its own as the setting is so rich, but until that day you can build basic wandering monsters with the Horrors of the Underhive rules from The Book Of Ruin. I’ve got a half dozen of these monsters for this purpose. Immediately there were two models that struck me as perfect for Chaos Spawn, which is a thing you will need (but may not receive…) as the player of a Chaos Cult.

Now, I have no intention of playing a Chaos Cult anytime soon…but I do have enough 40K models to do it. The Chaos Spawn for Necromunda always seemed to me to be more of an industrial mutation, rather than being attached to any particular Chaos God. Once again, these are absolutely perfect, the Zombicide stuff keeps giving! The four-armed guy is just the way he came and the other guy has had his one arm removed and replaced with a head (I think, it all happened so quickly…) from another creature in the box, for a more asymmetrical look.


Chaos Spawns and cult, ready to spread anarchy!

I am going to have projects forever with the stuff I have left, possibly I’ll let the opposition have a paw through the leftovers. I see lots of great stuff for Van Saar and Goliath as well as a few good Esher stand-ins, and that’s still a fraction of the leftovers! I’m not one to go on and on but the value for this Zombicide: Invader is through the roof! The Book Of Peril also has rules for an all Bounty Hunter list called Venators, obviously, I managed to scrape a starting list together. These were all simply painted with the exception of the fat guy who was given a weapon swap. It seems almost anything I need can be found lurking in that Zombicide box.


Baron Calico and the Xenos Commandos are ready for some brutal violence!

I often re-purpose individual models but this was the first time for a whole game. I expect to be using these figures in the coming months and will keep an eye out for more thematically similar products. See you next time for Giant Rats and overgrown dome jungles full of man-eating plants…

-Uncle Mike

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