Road to Indomitus: Part 5

Brushes down! The countdown to the Indomitus release is complete, and hopefully so is Chris’s Necron project! Let’s find out how it went, and see the end results…


So, did I manage it by the deadline? Well…. almost.

Going into the final day, I had my work cut out for me – finishing the Overlord and painting the last 10 Warriors from scratch. And I hadn’t assembled them yet!

This was guaranteed to be a late night, but I got to work as quickly as I could. And in the end, at an irresponsibly late hour, with the last batch of 5 Warriors still on the workbench… I ran out of Dullcote. Disaster! Well, at least this way I’d get some sleep.

Fortunately, my friend Sue (another of our staff painters) had one more can of Dullcote handy and graciously lent it to me. So while it did take me one more day than expected to have everything totally finished, I still feel like this was mostly a win. I’m really happy with the results:


As you might expect, the HQ units here were some of the most fun to paint.


The poses of the Skorpekh Destroyers still strike me as a bit weird, but they look alright once they’re all painted up. The Vallejo Shifter paint on their blades created a really cool effect. I love the little Plasmacyte perched on the ruins!


The Scarabs were another contender for my favorite part of the project. The green accents were particularly effective here.


The unit of Warriors that was finished in the first week. Maybe not the most interesting, but a solid core to the force.


And finally, the Canoptek Reanimator! It really exemplifies the new, creepier aesthetic that the Necrons have going into the new edition.

So there we go – project complete! Thanks for following along. Don’t forget to check out the finished collection on display in the store when you come in for some of the cool new stuff for Warhammer 40k 9th Edition!


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