Road to Indomitus: Part 4

The clock is ticking down on staff painter Chris’s project to paint all of the Necrons in the new 40k Indomitus box in time for release day. Can he do it? Let’s check in once more:


The plan is all in place, now for the hard part – actually finishing everything! I thought I was pretty on the ball with this project, but now coming down to the wire I’m definitely feeling a bit behind and wishing I’d been a bit more proactive last week. Nothing left to do now but try to power through…


I really like the new Scarabs. They’re all in one piece so assembly is pretty much nonexistent. I did decide to leave most of them off their bases until after adding the base texture, since they’re quite low to the ground and I didn’t want to accidentally get any grey rock color or glue on their little buggy legs. The ones that just attach directly to the base were glued down however; this worked out fine so maybe I could have gotten away with completely assembling all of them beforehand.


Like the Canoptek Reanimator, I elected to flip some of my core colors around for contrast, and to tie them in with the little tiny scarabs on the bases of the larger models. The green glowy bits really make them pop! The larger areas on their backs got a highlight of my Necrotite Green/Wraithbone mix and a quick wash of Green tone, same as on the Skorpekh Lord and Reanimator, but the tiny little eyes were just carefully dotted with straight Necrotite Green.

I also managed to complete the next batch of five Warriors, although with the deadline creeping closer I forgot to stop for pictures. They’ll have to wait until the triumphant group shot at the end…


On to the Skorpekh Destroyers. These are pretty much simpler versions of the Skorpekh Lord, so nothing fancy is required here. Above you can see their blades with the gloss black basecoat required when using the metallic Shifter paints (courtesy of, surprisingly, Vallejo Model Color Glossy Black).


Oh, boy – running out of both steam and time now! Again, nothing especially new about the techniques for the Plasmancer and his bullet catchers loyal companions. I considered incorporating the brighter gold color like I had on the fancy HQ units, but decided to keep the Plasmancer looking more dark and brooding instead. I think this might be my favorite model in the whole set.


Barely a day left, and this is what I still have left in front of me! Can I actually pull it off? I don’t foresee a whole lot of sleep in my near future…

Tune in next time to find out, and get a look at the final result!

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