Tale of Gamers: Kill Team – The Last Battle

The final game in our Tale of Gamers Kill Team project was originally scheduled for March 22nd – but as happened with a whole lot of things, the arrival of CoVID disrupted our plans. Four long months later, our determined hobbyists were finally able to complete their titanic four-way battle royale, and with it the whole endeavor we started almost a year ago! In our final article, we’re here to bring you a report of this last great game, along with plenty of photos. Let’s check it out:


With four players, this game takes place on a suitably large double-size board. Each player has brought a full 200-point kill team, complete with Elite forces and a Commander. In this special custom scenario, our players score points for holding objectives at the end of each turn – the further from their deployment zone, the more points they’ll earn! An additional point is also scored for each enemy fighter taken out of action. It will take a combination of board control and combat prowess to claim victory…


The forces are arrayed for battle. Each player has also elected to hold some of their forces in reserve, ready to drop into the thick of the fighting. As the first turn begins, everyone surges forward to claim their closest objective and draw a bead on the enemy…


The Death Guard march! The Plague Marine gunner with Blight Launcher takes up a firing position in the building, while the rest move out towards the center and its valuable objective.


The Tau Commander leaps into an elevated firing position, but the rest of her warriors advance more cautiously and steady themselves for a firefight with the Imperial Guard deployed opposite.


The Guard likewise mobilize carefully, deploying heavy weaponry on to the nearby rooftop and readying a firing line to meet the Drukhari sneaking through the central ruins, backed up by the stern Commissar Raine.


The Drukhari split their forces, with the Succubus and her entourage moving towards the Guard lines while Warriors prepare a firebase to cover the advance of Wyches into the Death Guard positions. Unfortunately for the Dark Eldar, the Plague Marine heavy finds the range first and knocks out their powerful Dark Lance!


In a bold move, the Mandrakes materialize out of the shadows right on top of the center objective! Despite facing down the firepower of three other factions, one still survives to claim it at the end of the turn.


The start of the second turn now, and the Tau begin to advance on the Imperial lines, firing as they go. The stalwart Guard return fire and make some hits, but despite injuries the Tau press on, encouraged by the presence of their Ethereal commander.


The lightning-fast Drukhari leap into the teeth of the Imperial guns. The Guardsmen refuse to be cowed and blaze away, bringing down one of the horrifying Xenos. The Warriors and remaining Mandrake pepper the Guard sniper, but can’t find their mark.


The shambling Death Guard continue their advance on the center, counting on their inhuman resilience to protect them as they move out in the open.


The Wyches spring their trap! Despite the fearsome Plague Belcher positioned to hold them back, a sneaky charge from the flank occupies the Plague Marine and allows the rest of the Wyches to make their advance from cover. Despite some failed charge rolls, the Death Guard flank is still in plenty of trouble, especially from the deadly Internet!


Another surprise for the Death Guard! A hulking Ogryn outflanks their position, perilously close to an objective the forces of Nurgle had thought secure. The hapless Poxwalker is blasted apart by his Ripper Gun.


But the Death Guard have tricks of their own – behind the Tau firing line materializes a hideous Blightlord Terminator. This looks bad for the Tau…


But a massive Crisis suit descends on wings of fire! The Blightlord, heedless of this new threat, guns down a Pathfinder. The battlesuit pours its vast assortment of deadly weaponry into the intruder – but when the smoke clears, his corrupted armor and Nurgle-blessed body have shrugged off everything thrown at him!


Turn Three. The heroic Commissar Raine leaps at the foe, Power Sword gleaming. Both players will try to pull off a Decisive Strike, but the dice land in Raine’s favor! Neither can land a telling blow, and the struggle continues.


But that’s not the only front where the Guard face a challenge in close combat. The Ethereal, backed up by his faithful Shield Drone, charges into melee with the Guardsman wielding a Grenade Launcher. The combat proves inconclusive so far. The nearby sniper exchanges fire with the Drukhari firebase in the building opposite, but is slain in a hail of deadly splinter bolts.


Down below, a Pathfinder has fallen to the enemy guns, but the remaining two continue their assault on the objective.


More combat erupts as the Blightlord Terminator charges at the Crisis suit. Things don’t go entirely his way however, as overwatch fire hits home and leaves him with a single wound. Closing in, he knocks one off of the battlesuit in return.


The Plague Marine leader charges in against the last Mandrake holding the center objective, finally bringing him down. Nearby Tau drones pour fire indiscriminately into the melee, but to little effect.


The Imperial incursion into the Death Guard deployment zone grows even more serious as Kasrkin with flamers and their Sergeant complete their airborne drop. The Plague Marine axeman turns back to help deal with the threat and engages the Ogryn.


The Ogryn is cut down in a single devastating swing and the axeman consolidates towards the Kasrkin Sergeant, looking to continue his deadly work. The Blight Launcher devastates the flamer team, killing one and leaving the other wounded before weathering the flames with his disgusting resiliency. Things aren’t entirely in favor of the Death Guard, as the Wyches finally slice through the Plague Marine holding the flank and surge towards the objective.


In turn four, the Tallyman joins his compatriot on the center objective, braving fire from Tau gun drones.


The Wyches sweep into the Death Guard lines and engage the Plague Marine that had moved back to protect the objective, as the Blight Launcher marine maneuvered to finish off the Imperial drop-troops. Capturing this point could secure victory for the Drukhari.


The Kasrkin Sergeant faces down the axeman, but is dispatched just as the Ogryn was. The remaining flame trooper is also brought down by fire from the Blight Launcher above. Victorious, the axeman consolidates towards the Drukhari threatening the objective. Can he get there in time?


On the far end of the battlefield, the battered Tau incursion pushes on to the objective, braving lasfire from every angle, but the Imperials refuse to yield. The Dark Eldar in the building opposite pour fire indiscriminately into the combat between the Guard and the Tau Ethereal, but nothing finds its mark.


Commissar Raine manages to wound the accompanying Wych, but is slain by the Succubus. The Guardsmen manage to finally knock out the advancing Pathfinders, but the Ethereal is victorious and consolidates towards the objective.


In a game-deciding melee, the Wych with The Internet fails to bring down the Plague Marine, and is dispatched by a fortunate hit! This leaves the objective contested, denying the Drukhari critical victory points.


Carnage on all sides, random game length brings the battle to a close. With the Imperial Guard and Tau hard-pressed by the more melee oriented factions, the Death Guard have racked up quite a kill count and the Drukhari’s boldness has seen them hold objectives for several key turns. But with the combat on their objective, the Death Guard have pushed back the Dark Eldar and secured victory!

And so ends our final game, and indeed this whole campaign. It’s been an exciting journey growing our Kill Team forces from the very beginning to this climactic showdown, and we’re very grateful to everyone who has come along with us. We hope this series has inspired you in your own Kill Team projects and helped you get more from this outstanding game. Thank you so much for reading and following along with us!

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