What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – July 20-26

This week Tia finished painting her half of the necrons from the store’s display copy of the new Warhammer 40K Indomitus box. “I went with a sandstone look, with glowing blue effects to make it pop. I did all of the bases so that they have a more cohesive look – I did them all the same style, but since I knew Sue is painting her necrons green, I painted the bases to match. It’s my first time trying out glowing effects, but it was easier to do than I thought! I’m sure I can improve in many ways, but I’m very happy with how they turned out.”

Pictured are of some of Sue’s models from the Indomitus box set on Tia’s above pictured bases. “They are standing on the Battlezone: Manufactorum Battlefield. The second picture is of my favorite Necron Warrior. I love the battle damage! I tried to use all the most battle damaged heads. To paint them, I used Leadbelcher primer with a black wash overtop, picking out details with green, red, and grey. Necrons were my first army, and I started them over a decade ago. Back then I used to prime black and leave the weapons black, painting just a few details on them. I did my weapons this way to remain consistent with the rest of my army. But if I were starting my army today, I would prime everything silver and use the Black Templar Contrast Paint over the silver on the weapons. It provides a cool effect. I love these new models! I think they are a great addition to my existing Necron army. And the Leadbelcher primer makes painting them so. much. faster than priming them a different color first and then painting each individual model silver. The hobby just keeps getting better and better and the present day brings us great new models, as well as a lot of choices and techniques to paint them!”

Greg and Tracy played Mission #7 from Unlock: Epic Adventures. “This final adventure was rated hard and it definitely lived up to that. It was an interesting one, split into two parts: finding out which agent is the mole and then stopping them from carrying out their plan. We struggled with a few of the puzzles, one in particular causing us to take lots of penalties as we tried different things to solve it. There were no useful clues or solution provided for it, so we had to figure it out in the end. I didn’t mind having a tougher time though, as it’s rare that we really struggle with these, and the theme and story of this one were great.”


They also played a couple more missions of the cooperative trick-taking game, The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine. “We lost the first game pretty quickly and then I almost caused us to lose the second attempt by not paying attention, but we made it through and then won the next mission at the first attempt.”

Sam finally tried out Root! “It is hard to get a grasp on the best strategy but its one of those games that makes you want to try again till you get it right. I played the Eyrie clan and Cassie played the Marquise de Cat clan. The Cats start with a clear advantage that I didn’t respond to in time, so she definitely dominated the game. I’m excited to try it again some time.”


Greg has been wanting to get Barrage to the table with Tracy, “But we don’t usually have enough time for a meaty game, especially with rules explanation, due to a hyperactive 5 year old who won’t go to sleep. The solution was to set up and do the rules explanation one night and then actually play the next night. I do like this game a lot. The water flow and resource wheel mechanisms are quite unusual, but work really well, and are thematic too. There’s a lot to take in and think about, but I really enjoy the decisions, planning, and also the variability with the different country and Executive Officer powers. Definitely one I want to play more.”

Annotation 2020-07-25 163402

Tracy and Greg played a two player game of the flick and write live Sonora on the stream. “We both got slightly distracted by Alex (anyone want a free 5 year old?) but managed to get through the game in the end. I had an option to spoil things for Tracy with my last disc but decided to just go for improving my score instead. Turns out it wasn’t enough as Tracy came out ahead by about 15 points.”

Renee played Break the Code at GAMA and thought it would be a game the family would enjoy. “Jenn and I played a couple 2 player games so I could teach it to her. You take turns asking questions of the other player and try to be the first player to figure out which tiles the other player has behind their screen. In both games, we decoded each other’s tiles within one turn of each other. I like that it has a quick set up and is a quick but fun deduction game.”

Image from iOS - 2020-07-26T120748.394

Renee picked up Claim 2 a while ago and she and Jenn finally tried it out. “Like the original Claim, it is a 2 person trick taking game, played with a deck made of 5 factions. Each faction has a special ability or scoring rule. In the first round you play your hand to recruit cards for the second round, in which players complete for a majority of each faction. You can also combine the decks from both games to either play with 2, 3 or 4 players.”

Image from iOS - 2020-07-26T120948.166

Renee, Jenn and their Dad pulled out an old favourite – Takenoko – and played it for the second time with the Chibis expansion. “I’ve always liked this game for a more casual play and with the new objectives from the expansion, enjoy that it feels new again. Plus it always looks great on the table!”


Greg finally managed to get Alex to play a game of Concept Kids properly,  by the rules. “I gave assistance by asking her questions to help prompt the clues, but then she was able to put the clues down and get me to guess, rather than just showing me the card right away like in the past. We made it through our deck of 12 cards getting them all right, making us Legendary Lions on the score chart!”




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