Road to Indomitus: Part 2

Our Indomitus display set won’t paint itself – when it comes to the Necrons, staff painter Chris is on the job. Let’s see how he’s progressing:


While the core of the color scheme is pretty much figured out, I felt like the silver areas such as the shoulder pads didn’t quite stand out enough. I elected to add a quick edge highlight of Citadel’s Stormhost Silver. This did a good job of picking out the contours and distinguishing the different areas of color, and shouldn’t add too much time to the whole project when applied over every model. With that done, the last step is the base.

One thing that strikes me as a little odd with these new Indomitus models is that a lot of them have some little rock shape modeled onto their foot. It holds the little peg that fits into the base itself, but I think it looks kind of strange with only one rock on every base stuck to the figure’s foot. To balance it out, I added a couple of extra pieces of Gale Force 9 Rocky Basing Grit to each. I used superglue just to keep the process speedy.

A few years ago a friend of mine stumbled upon some type of powered black glass at Ikea – it was intended as a decoration in vases or similar, but we discovered that it made a fantastic basing material. It can be just glued to the base with ordinary PVA, but looks great in-scale and has excellent depth without requiring any drybrushing. it creates a look like some kind of dead, desolate waste that’s perfect for the Necrons.


The final basing element was adding some of Army Painter’s Wasteland Tuft to give a bit more interest and help sell the desolate look. It took a couple tries to find the right color for the base rim – my usual choice is Burnt Umber, but it didn’t stand out enough from the color of the primary metal tone. Eventually I settled on German Camo Black/Brown (very much like GW’s Rhinox Hide).

With the color scheme wrapped up, there’s one more critical step (and one that I tend to forget): writing it down.


The Cryptek’s secret recipe of 11 paints and washes!

Time to get to work in earnest! I started in on the other four Warriors I had assembled. I did discover one snag in my carefully-laid plans: having worked out that Necrotite Green was the way to go for the glowy bits, I thought I could skip the steps with Wraithbone and Hexwraith Flame. The Necrotite Green on its own worked fine for the cables and energy coils, but when it came to the recessed lines on the gun, it didn’t seem to be covering well and didn’t have the same vibrancy, so I ended up taking the time to repeat those steps on the other Warriors. Hopefully it won’t add too much time over the course of the project – the glowy lines appear mostly on the Warriors so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.


Finally, I managed to finish assembling the rest of the first unit of 10 Warriors, the Royal Warden and also the frighteningly tall Canoptek Reanimator. I plan to tackle the Skorpekh Lord and the Royal Warden at the same time and work out the last few details that are shared by the fancier character models as I go.


Lots more still to do…

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