Several Mini-Projects Made Mostly of Junk and a Look Into The Book of Peril.

Having amassed enough models and scenery, and now waiting for a future time to play, I find myself looking around the hobby desk for some small and simple time-filling projects to keep me busy while I enjoy my alone time from the gaming table. One of the main aims of my Necromunda fixation is to produce a table so choked with terrain that models will be lucky to ever have long range on their opponents, ensuring some close combat as well as crazy shooting.

More scenery means more violence!

‘More’ is all fine and good but I need a break from spending money. Pretty simple to backwards engineer the project from there: More Stuff + No Money = Garbage for Materials…

As I have previously mentioned, Necromunda is a wonderful setting for various bits of tecno-junk and unknown machines. Games Workshop produce a stunning array of scenery kits, as do many other fine companies, but I like getting my hands dirty every now and then. I will concern myself with the broad strokes first, as they say, and will, no doubt, add some manner of smaller bits later, to help these new pieces fit in with the rest of the scenery. That said, sometimes less is more. I find it all depends on the look of the starting pieces.

My bits box has had a good decimating over the last few projects and contains almost nothing I am looking for. I found a couple old ladders, some train scale signs and a few random larger circular pieces..not a lot. I want these new scenery pieces to be a bit bigger than normal and so will have to search further afield…the kitchen and the recycling bin should do. A note here on ‘looking at 25 mil’, which is a skill that you can improve by simply thinking about 1:1 scale items in terms of how they would look on a tabletop with 25 milimeter models. This will change your thinking, and soon, every ‘real world’ item will be rated by it’s worth as a game aid. I’ve been doing it for years, so obviously, I found plenty of stuff.

PROJECT 1: Food Containers Painted Silver


Some ancient Radioactive chamber, just waiting to be switched on? Or…is it a dance floor for the local bar?


The horizontal fan; never as popular as the vertical kind, for obvious, deadly reasons.

While rummaging I found a take-out salad bowl and a lid from some hummus. I also had a laser cut bit of circular metal with a radioactive symbol cut out (lucky, I’ll grant you that…) and a broken toy that looked like a fan blade. By some miracle the pieces fit together and also stack. While additive sculpting is usually required when turning something into something else, these are pretty much finished being built, and almost done already!

Next, spray it all silver. Stick the bits together: fan on hummus lid and radioactive thing on the salad bowl, add a ladder and few signs, paint some bits black, sponge on danger yellow, graffiti and rust and grime. Done.

These first two pieces turned out great, took no time and were super easy. You can’t even really call it a project and yet there they are. I’m excited to continue and will scrounge the house for more raw materials. Is it cabin fever or home recycling? Tell the wife and kids it is the latter…

PROJECT 2: Food Containers Painted Silver, with a Side of G.W. Stuff and Putty Bubbles on Top


You can never go wrong with more open gunk pits on the table, just waiting for unlucky gangers to fall, be thrown, get harpooned into or otherwise find themselves drowning in.

This time I found two of the same kind of pasta sauce lid. The lid has a interesting and different rectangular shape and a really nice deep recess, just perfect for becoming some sort of open gunk pit. I’m going to use a bit of the new scenery from the Dark Uprising box here as well, as some sort of pumping stations, and also to help everyone forget that my gaming table is covered in up-cycled containers. These pieces will be done separately, to be used individually or together, for as much re-play-ability as possible.

The goo was also quite easy, just some putty balls and water effects. Many longtime modellers will already have a stash of putty objects from when they roll out too much putty, I like balls, tentacles and mushroom caps…never waste that putty friends! For the uninitiated: bits of putty were rolled into balls of various sizes, pressed together in groups of two or three and glued into place. Once dry, water effects were added to smooth out the space between putty and container, resulting in a more watery finish. Painting was accomplished almost exactly like project 1, with the addition of painting the goo. Also, like project 1, it was done with little effort.

Both of these projects were fun and easy and hopefully help to illustrate that everyone has enough trash laying around just waiting to be turned into game table gold. With slightly more scenery finished than I needed to play, I feel now is a good time to do some reading ahead.

Drum roll please for my most favourite of the Necromunda books: The Book of Peril. –


Majestic and Beautiful…and now also meticulously bookmarked.

The thinnest of all the Necromunda books, yet also the most jammed with information and rules, the Book of Peril is only 96 pages long but packs a mighty punch. There is so much great stuff to add to your games: Alliances, Bounty Hunter Gangs and new Dramatis Personae (Yes fanboy, you can finally use Kal Jericho and Scabs) are all nice additions, but for me the Badzones hold the most allure.

The Badzones are crummier, less maintained areas of the hive that have gone to seed, becoming dangerous environs home to all manner of frightening flora and fauna. The system for adding them into games is well done and nicely random, if best suited for a group with a campaign or two under their belts. I don’t want to rules rant here just yet though, my main interest is going through and looking for models and scenery that I will need to build or buy for specific events or game elements.

Firstly, players generate an Environment and then, as play progresses, they generate Events. Luckily, most of these require no models or specific scenery: an Ancient Manufactorum board will have a bit more industrial scenery or the Mutie Tribe shooting at you remains unseen. However, there are several results that will require models and scenery. Let’s get going on those Badzones!


The Lair Of The Beast effect requires three Beast Lair Markers. Freaky Tentacle, Sump Troggies and the dreaded Purple Recluse nest.

I couldn’t resist finally having a use for these gigantic, weird bases and with just a few bits and pieces I had three new Beast Lairs ready to go. Check back next month for Ripperjacks, Brainleaf Zombies, Giant Rats and possibly an overgrown Dome Jungle…

-Uncle Mike

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