What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – June 15-21

Greg and Tracy played Escape Room: The Game: Jumanji, “This is a themed version of the regular Escape Room: The Game and comes with it’s own Chrono Decoder, a short 15 minute introductory scenario and two full scenarios, which are all linked together in one big (Jumanji) story. Tracy and I played through the Introduction and the the first of the two full scenarios. We pretty much raced through without any issues, so I’m not sure if the puzzles were easy or if we’re getting used to the style. One of the puzzles was basically the same as one in The Magician, which we did last week, so that helped too. I’m looking forward to trying the last part of this soon!”

Jordan finished up his Archaon the Everchosen, “An absolute monument of a model from the Age of Sigmar line. This model is chock full of details to put a handful of different painting techniques to use. I actually followed the video tutorial on Youtube by Warhammer TV for this model, both to make painting this a lot less daunting, and to see how effective the tutorial is to follow along with. The tutorial made a lot of different techniques much easier to understand and apply – for instance, the blending on the skin of the wings was made much easier and understandable to follow along with. This model is one of my absolute favourites, and I’m a sucker for these massive centrepiece models, so I’m very glad I got around to finishing Archaon for myself and I think I did him justice. I’ll probably end up adding some more scatter details onto his base though, since it looks a little barren (not enough skulls!).”


Most, but not all, of Sue’s Heroquest miniatures were painted long ago. “I painted the Wizard this week, and the Elf years ago. For the elf, I used regular paints and washes – the style of the time. A couple of things about him – for the light blonde hair, I used a bone color with a flesh wash over top to give him that kind of strawberry blonde look. Also, I used Kislev Flesh with a flesh wash overtop, and then I did the highlights with Kislev Flesh again. Stepping into the present day, I utilized Contrast Paints, Technical Paints,  as well as traditional techniques for the Wizard. I had some thinned down Guilliman Flesh left over from painting Junith Eruita which I used for the Wizard to give him that ‘spends most of his time locked in a tower studying spells’ look. For his hair, I used Ushtabi Bone (probably the same color I used for the Elf), with Skeleton Horde Contrast Paint overtop. I also used Skeleton Horde for the shirt. (I painted the detail on the shirt before I added the Contrast Paint.) The cape was my first time using Magos Purple Contrast Paint. I used Snakebite Leather Contrast Paint for the staff and, my favorite, Gore Grunta Fur Contrast Paint for the gloves and boots.”


Greg and Tracy played the new arrival Tang Garden, “This is a tile laying game where players are building a garden and adding features such as trees, bridges, fish, birds and flowers. Players influence different characters such as the Emperor, Architect, Student and more, and place them in the garden, scoring points for having them looking at the kinds of features that character is interested in. It’s a fairly simple game as far as the gameplay goes, but there are a lot of great looking bits and it looks fantastic on the table.” Check out their play-through on the livestream.

Image from iOS (22)

Christopher asked to play the Ticket to Ride: Stay At Home game again so Renee and her Dad played it a couple of times with him. “The first game he kept all 4 of his tickets, focusing on the smaller ones first, leaving the longest and hardest to the end, and failed to complete it, which annoyed him. But he took the learning into the second game and won by a good margin. For a game that was designed as a free print and play during the pandemic, this is a solid version of the Ticket to Ride franchise.”

Image from iOS (23)

Jenn and Renee played a game of Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale, “Our current favourite flip and draw game. The fact that the scoring mechanics vary each game, and the order in which you score them, really changes your strategy each time. Plus its always fun to draw!”


Not a game, but this is something Greg has been working on a little bit at a time for a few weeks now. “The last third went fairly quickly as there were less pieces to sift through, although it was also the trickiest section as there were large areas of similar colours. Happy to get it finished though as it looks great!”

Renee took out The River to play with the kids. “While it hasn’t been a very popular title, I really appreciate it for what it is: A great intro to worker placement games in a shorter, easier to learn game than Stone Age. I think this is perfect for younger players. The iconography is fantastic and it introduces a lot of the main mechanics of the genre.”

Image from iOS (26)

Renee pulled out Azul to try out the new player boards and the overlays from the Crystal Mosiac expansion. “The overlays were fantastic. They kept everything is place, nice and tidy, especially the points cube. We played with the one side that has 2x scoring bonus. When you place a tile on one of these spots, the tile scores double what it normally would. It made for some interesting decisions about when to fill those spots.”


Tracy and Greg played the second half of Escape Room: The Game: Jumanji. “It was mostly pretty straightforward again, and we finished with 10 minutes to spare. The trickiest part was actually to do with a jigsaw puzzle, but only because you had to make it and then flip it over onto the back. It was a fun one though.”

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