What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – May 18-24

In this week’s blog of painting, reading and painting from The Sentry Box Crew, we start off with Sam’s thoughts on new arrival Cat Rescue! “This cute little game is cooperative where players work together to get cats adopted from a shelter. Cats can be added to the shelter (very cute blanket that is the play space) from the street (deck of cards) or from foster homes (cards in front of players). You can either add them directly to the mat, or push them in from the outside sliding the other cats in the row over. Once 3 or 4 cats of the same colour are in a row, the middle cats flip and are ready for adoption. They get adopted by being pushed off the shelter mat! This game looks super cute, but the game play requires some collective thought in order to maximize kitty adoption. I really enjoyed it as a quick strategy game.”

Sam also played Call to Adventure with the Name of the Wind expansion, “The expansion really enhanced the experience for me because that is by far my favourite book. I really like this game, each player ends up with a cool back story and you get to throw a bunch of rune stones around. The expansion is worth it mostly if you’re a fan of the books and I’m not entirely sure it would make sense to someone who hasn’t read them.”


Greg played another Exit game, this time The Stormy Flight, “This was rated as a difficulty 2 out of 5, but we really struggled with it. A couple of the puzzles in particular we just couldn’t understand what we were supposed to do, and then on another the execution of it was poor and it made it hard to solve. I enjoyed a few of the puzzles but overall it was one of the least fun Escape Room games I’ve done.”


Tia got in some painting this week, “I’ve spent more time than I’d like to admit deciding how I want to paint my deepkin army. I finally finished my first eel! (Minus a bit of water effects on the base) I’m so happy with how it turned out! Now to just do that 14 more times…”

Image from iOS (73)

Jenn and Renee played another Deckscape game that they had, The Fate of London. “This one we found a little trickier than Test Time, but overall we enjoyed it as well. I find doing it with 2 people is almost perfect; you get another perspective for puzzles that you don’t see the solution to right away but it still feels like you’re getting to complete a lot of the puzzles.”


Later in the week, Tracy and Greg also played The Fate of London. “Our third foray into the Deckscape games and this was a pretty good one. It still feels different to the rest due to the fact that you only get one chance at each puzzle but it also means you can never get stuck because you can always choose to move on. We managed to successfully finish in 58 minutes, giving us top marks, so even though we screwed up three times it didn’t cost us.”

Image from iOS (74)

Renee pulled out Tag City to show to Jenn, “I thought it might be a game she would enjoy playing with Christopher. It’s a roll and write in which players draft tetris shapes that they draw on their board, getting points for completing areas, rows and columns. The players take turns getting to make some choices about which shapes to choose based on the dice roll so you have some control, but the other player gets to choose first. Simple and quick; I really do like the colours.”

Image from iOS (72)

While Maddie is on bed rest, her dad is teaching her how to play D&D on Roll20. “We are just getting started but so far I like it!”


Sue has also been doing some painting:

Junith Eruita before and after contrast paints, washes, and edge highlighting. I primed most of the model white, and a couple parts black. I colored the hair with Ushabti Bone. Then I did the highlighting and make up on the face and hair before adding contrast paint and finishing the eyes. I paint as many of the face details as possible before adding the contrast paint so that I can easily correct any mistakes. (I find that Ulthuan Grey matches the white primer pretty well.) I used a thinned down Guilliman Flesh for the face and a very thinned down Skeleton Horde for the hair. (Contrast paints all thinned with Contrast Medium.) I picked up some new “lipsticks” for my Sisters of Battle including Gal Vorbak Red, which you see here. I did a thin white line on the lower lip prior to adding the contrast paint. All the highlights were done with White Scar. It is a slightly brighter white than the white primer, so I like it to do my highlights.

I used a very thinned down Apothecary White on the robe. For the shoulders, I primed black, and then used Thunderhawk Blue to do the edge highlighting. I don’t have a lot of experience doing edge highlighting, but it’s not too hard and I think it looks nice on power armor. Another thing I tried out with this model was using a flesh wash over the gold. Both the Thunderhawk Blue edge highlights and using a flesh wash over the gold were Games Workshop recommendations, and I was happy with both.

Note: picture 1 is not glued, I typically paint the pieces of my Games Workshop models before assembling to avoid creating hard to reach areas.


Greg finished reading A Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Jules Verne, “I can understand why Jules Verne’s novels were different and exciting in their time but I honestly found this quite boring and none of the characters were very relatable or appealing. I just didn’t care about them or what was happening to them. His books obviously inspired a lot of other people though, so they have their place.”


Greg played another Exit game, Theft on the Mississippi, “This had a difficulty rating of 3 out of 5, so I was expecting it to have a few tougher puzzles and it did have some that we struggled with. I enjoyed trying to figure out who the thief was, and there were some good puzzles in there, but also a couple that were not amazingly well designed in my view, where things had to be extremely precise or it wouldn’t make sense. Overall it was ok, better than The Stormy Flight but not one of the best Exit games.”

Renee was so excited to finally get her hands on Welcome To New Las Vegas! “It’s a sequel to Welcome To that adds a bunch of mechanics and definitely levels up the difficulty and strategy. They recommend that you play the original before tackling this one. The players are competing to open casinos in New Las Vegas and what really ramps it up for me is that there are city projects that reward additional points, plus a bunch of different ways to get points that all feel like they are at odds with each other, so you have to make hard choices about which ones to prioritize when you choose your number and effect combination. We both really liked it!”

Image from iOS (77)

Boss Monster is another game Renee’s family has had for a while, “Christopher’s reading level is now at the point that he is able to play it so it finally hit the table this week. Players are each a Boss in a dungeon, they build rooms in their dungeons and then bait the heroes into their dungeons. If your rooms kill the hero they turn into points, otherwise they become wounds to your boss. The rooms themselves sometimes have effects once built and there are also spell cards that you can play as action cards to impact a turn as well. The theme and art work are awesome and it was a lot of fun to play this with Christopher. Happy to find yet another game that he enjoys that has him reading all his cards!”

Image from iOS (78)

Jenn, Adam and Renee pulled The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine out a couple of times this week to play through a bunch of the scenarios. “We’re about halfway through the 50 missions in the book and starting to feel like we’re getting better at it, which is good because the scenarios are definitely getting more challenging.  They’ve done a really good job of making you feel like you’re leveling up while making each scenario feel like you have to solve it but that it is doable. We’ve been enjoying this so much!”

We finish this week’s post with another painting update from Chris:

Two different factions this time. It’s no secret that I love tanks, so the Imperial Guard are a 40k army that has always interested me. I don’t really have solid plans to build an entire army, but I would feel remiss if I never painted at least one of their tanks! I’ve started here with a Manticore, using a camouflage scheme based on one I’ve used before on some 15mm Soviet tanks. The weathering was done using a bit of sponge and some Vallejo Panzer Aces Dark Rust. The end result turned out really nice and I’m looking forward to completing a Leman Russ as well.

Also pictured here is a second Primaris Sergeant for my Crimson Fists Kill Team. The additional rules in the Annual supplement allow me to take a power fist, and considering what Chapter I’m playing it would be wrong not to! This model is from the small easy-to-build Intercessor box, and the power fist is just a normal Space Marine part that I modified slightly. Painting just followed the scheme I used on the rest of the squad, although I did use Guilliman Flesh Contrast paint for his skin – it’s a great way to get good-looking skintones fast.



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