What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – May 18-24

In this week’s blog of painting, reading and painting from The Sentry Box Crew, we start off with Sam’s thoughts on new arrival Cat Rescue! “This cute little game is cooperative where players work together to get cats adopted from a shelter. Cats can be added to the shelter (very cute blanket that is the play space) from the street (deck of cards) or from foster homes (cards in front of players). You can either add them directly to the mat, or push them in from the outside sliding the other cats in the row over. Once 3 or 4 cats of the same colour are in a row, the middle cats flip and are ready for adoption. They get adopted by being pushed off the shelter mat! This game looks super cute, but the game play requires some collective thought in order to maximize kitty adoption. I really enjoyed it as a quick strategy game.”

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