What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – March 23-29

Lots of painting being done this week by the staff, which is appropriate with how popular our painting contest was this past week! We’re running it again so please share with us and everyone else the painting projects that are helping you pass the time these days for chance to win a $25 gift card!

Sue painted some WizKids Preprimed D&D Gazers. “I painted the big eye in the middle, and then touched up around it with Ulthuan Grey before coloring the bodies with Contrast paints. I find Ulthuan Grey matches white primer quite well. All the bodies were colored with Contrast Paints. After applying the Contrast Paints, to everywhere but the main eye and mouth, I used Ulthuan Grey again to draw the eyeballs back in on the 4 eyestalks on the top, and then draw in the eyes. This was much easier, and looked better, than trying to draw the eyestalk eyes first and then color around them with the Contrast Paint. I have included a photo with the regular WizKids Preprimed Beholder for scale. The Gazers are quite little!”

Tracy and Greg played Clank! Expeditions: Gold & Silk “We tried the Gold half of this expansion, which is the Dwarven Mine board. There are gold veins throughout the map that players can dig using skill. At the end the players score bonus points based on who dug the most veins. I love Clank and it’s always fun to try out new maps and see how the little rule changes affect things. Such an awesome game!”


Later they decided to try out the Spider Queen’s Lair side of the board. “It has spider web tokens in some passageways that need an extra boot or sword to cut through and are worth points at the end. Some rooms with secrets also had webs and you had to spend a sword when entering if you wanted to take the secret. It ended up being a bit of a strange game as there were a few cards early on that reduced your clank, and we went quite a while without a monster attack. As it turns out we both escaped when there still wasn’t enough clank in the bag to kill us. Tracy ended up winning 120 to 113.”


Greg has been working his way through all the Rush Hour puzzles. “Some of the Expert Level puzzles are downright nasty, but I eventually managed to finish them all!”


Jordan finished this Chaos Lord on Karkadrak (he thinks the name is funny). “I think he looks great. The model is awesome and lends itself to some great detail work. He gives off great “Bad Guy” vibes which I love.”


Tia has been working on painting her Morrsarr Guard for the past couple days. “I’m pretty new to painting minis. I took a long time trying to pick a colour scheme (analysis paralysis is real lol) and ended up with a dark blue and pink. I’m happy with how it’s coming out so far!”


Sam was struggling to add depth to this tree lord, so asked the team for some feedback on what she could do to make the colours and bark look less flat. Kris answered, “Agrax Earthshade fixes all problems…” and suggested that she “could try mixing with some medium and going for a more controlled application if you are worried about washing out the colours.”


Sam also shared her progress on her Harlequin Kill Team.


Jordan started painting one in blue as well! Which elicited Greg’s comment, “Jordan loves his icy blue paint schemes.” He does.  He does.

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 9.06.21 AM

Tracy and Greg streamed a few two player games, starting with The Rose King from the Kosmos 2-Player line. “It’s an abstract, area control game where players play cards to move the crown token around the board to add their colour pieces. The game ends either when the pieces run out or neither player can go, and then players score points for connected areas based on the number of pieces in that area. It’s simple and quick to learn, but definitely has some depth to it and I enjoy it quite a bit.”

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 9.06.40 AM

They followed that with Santorini, “Another fantastic abstract game where players are building on the island of Santorini and trying to be the first to move one of their builders up to the third level. The game comes with a bunch of god powers to spice up the game as well. The production quality is really amazing and it’s a lot of fun.”

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 9.06.59 AM

They finished with Reef, “This is a neat little game about building up your coral reef. Players play cards to add pieces to their reef and then score points if they have specific patterns showing on their board. You’re constantly planning your next moves to try to maximize your scoring. Lots of fun, and this one plays up to four players too.”

With her isolation finally over, Renee played a board game yesterday for the first time since GAMA. “Jenn came over and we played the newly acquired Chai, by local designers Dan and Connie Kazmeier. Jenn and I have both play tested this a few times over the years so it was more about getting to play with the final components rather than trying a new game. The components turned our very well and it was cool to see the vision suggested by the prototype pieces come to fruition. In this game, players are fulfilling tea orders for customers by collecting the necessary ingredients. On a players turn they can either go shopping at the market (a tile board where you pay once for an ingredient but get to collect matching tiles that are neighbours ) or from the panty (pick up tokens on the board or try your luck drawing blind from the bag) or reserving a customer and using one of the three abilities available that round. At the end of their turn, players can fulfill a customer order, getting a tip in the process! This is a fun game and I’m looking forward to playing it with more players because I think it benefits from some more player interaction.”

Image from iOS (2)

Renee and Jenn then played the 2 player classic Morels, “In which players are foraging for mushrooms to collect as sets to cook for points or sell for sticks which allow you o forage further into forest. This is a hand management game where you want to collect as many mushrooms as possible but also need pans to cook them in and don’t want singles to end up dead in your hand. This is a solid 2 player game and I always enjoy playing it.”