What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Jan 13-19


Greg played game 3 of the Clank Legacy campaign and is still thoroughly enjoying it. “Things escalated quickly in this one, with lots of clank going in the bag, and the rage track getting bumped up quickly. This meant two players got knocked out quite quickly and only one made it out completely. Lots of new story elements were unlocked though, so things are getting even more interesting!”

Image from iOS (39)

Renee got to play her first 2 vs 2 game of Star Realms on Monday by combining the base deck with Colony Wars. “I hadn’t played Star Realms in about a year and half and I’d only ever played the 2 player variant, so it was fun to rediscover the game and try something new at the same time. In this version, members of a team have separate decks and play their cards separately, but can pool their attack and buying power. Pooling our attacks made wiping out bases and outposts easier, but the real advantage was the buying – we could used the pooled money to strategically add cards to each of our decks based on faction or on how quick an outpost or base would reappear.”

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Renee also played Taverns of Tiefenthal for the first time with all the modules! “I know, I don’t know why it took this long. Playing with all the modules definitely makes the game a lot more fun and adds more strategic options for how to play. With the signature module, when you buy guests you collect their signatures and as you fill up your signature book you get additional benefits. Combined with the reputation track, it means there is a lot going on. This game has always been fun and continues to be as I explore it more!”

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Renee ended the evening with another attempt to organize a band tour in On Tour. “This time we decided to ‘Sorcerer City It!’ and used a timer – we only had 45 seconds to place both numbers on our board. If you ran out of time, one of your opponents got to write the missing number(s) on your board. I really liked this version. It forced you to just make the hard decisions without spending too much time fretting about how bad they were. In the end I think we all did about as well as normal, proving that we normally just spend time hating the choice we pretty much have to make anyway.”

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