What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Jan 6-12

Greg and Renee played Sorcerer City again on Monday, this time with 6 players! Greg, “We had 6 players for this game, but even though most players were new to the game it was still pretty quick. In year 1 we had a three way tie for the influence bonus which meant all players ended up with three or four tiles from vendor 4. That really ramped things up for everybody and meant it was a very high scoring game, with a winning score of 243. I really like this game!” Renee, “It was really fun to get to play a 6 player game on Monday. The game was a bit ridiculous because of the bonus tiles handed out after the first round, but it was great to see how well it worked with additional players. A bit of a table hog at that player count, with the simultaneous play, it stayed pretty quick. The extra competition for the influence bonus made it a bit more competitive, but otherwise the game didn’t change significantly from our 4 player game on Friday. This game is just a lot of fun and its awesome that it supports 1-6 players.”


Greg then played Jetpack Joyride, “Derrick, Kevin and I played another game with a realtime element, racing to get Barry through the lab. Things started well for me but Derrick came through with the win thanks to one of his gadgets.”

Greg et al then got Coloma to the table, “This is another Kickstarter game that we got in recently. Players are helping build the town of Coloma, survey rivers and build bridges, explore the surrounding area and help fight off bandits. The game is played over three years using a simultaneous action selection mechanism. At the end of each year there is a gun fight where players try to fight off the bandits and can score points for putting more of their dudes into the fight. It seemed quite intimidating at first, but flowed quite quickly, especially with just three players. There are also extra modules and Kickstarter content that can be added in for asymmetric player powers and more.”

Meanwhile Renee played Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done, “I hadn’t played this for a while so was happy to get a chance to play it again. This is a great game with a interesting rondal: you pick an action, the number of pegs on the chosen wedge determine that power of that action. As you build on the board, each action also gets more powerful, which is important because as the game goes on, conquering and building requires more power. There are few different strategies you can pursue, but what is interesting is that there is a set number of points up for grab and game end is triggered when the initial pool runs out. It’s a mid-weight Euro, but plays surprisingly fast. The components are also top notch, even in the regular version.”

Image from iOS (18).jpg

Renee also played Cacao, “This a game that I came across when clearing out some older games that I hadn’t played in years and wanted to try again. It’s a quick tile laying game. Each player has a deck of worker tiles – each tile has 4 workers distributed around the sides in different configurations. Players lay their worker tiles in the checker board with the jungle tiles which contain the different actions. The number of workers next to each jungle tile determines the power of that action. It’s pretty straight-forward; you collect cacao which you sell at markets, gain dominance over temples, power up your water carrier and do some mining. It’s a lighter game which I’ve enjoyed playing with Dad in the past so will be looking to bring it out more often.”

Image from iOS (19)

Renee got in a quick game of Illusion, “We played a quick game of this Wolfgang card game. You already know I think this is a great card game for both gamers and non-gamers, which is always way more difficult than it has any business being for a fun filler.” She finished the evening with Biblios, “I’ve played this a couple times before but it’s always a long time between plays and I never seem to remember anything I learned from previous plays. The first round players take turns dividing up cards between the players and the auction pile. The cards are numbered cards in 5 colours (which each start with a value of 3), money cards to be used in the auction in the second half of the game, and action cards which allow you to manipulate the value of each colour (from 1-6). When the auction is over, the player with the highest sum in each colour wins the points for that colour. Once again I completely messed up the auction and failed to bid on card early on and ended up with a lot of left over – useless – money. This is another solid auction game that makes a good filler.”


Kris has done some more painting.


Same played Salem! “This game, which is unfortunately out of print (I think…) is based on logic rules and deduction. As per usual I made an assumption too early and lost the game! On your player grid, there are 7 different colours of accused witches, and 7 accused witches in each colour. Only 3 numbers in each row and column can be witches, and no colours will share more than one witch in common. The goal of the game is to find out enough information to determine what the correct mixture of villagers and witches in the uncontrolled accused in the centre of the table.”

Jordan has been working on these Chaos Warriors from the new Slaves to Darkness Start Collecting box for Age of Sigmar. “The models are a dream to put together with well-placed slots and pegs, and feature some really dynamic poses. Each model is loaded with so much detail and looks so terrific that I wanted to treat each one like a character of its own.”

Annotation 2020-01-13 131103

Renee, Greg, Jenn and River played Azul: Summer Pavilion on Friday’s livestream. The third in the Azul series, according to Greg, this is the Return of the Jedi of the trilogy; while third in his ranking of the games, as an Azul game, it is still a great game.

We also have this impressive update on Greg’s progress on his massive Star Destroyer Lego set.



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