What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Dec 23-29


Greg brought Maracaibo to the Monday board game night and played a three player game with Renee and Derrick. Greg, “It was a pretty close game, with good scores all round, and a chance to see some different cards and cities, as you randomly use just a selection each game. Definitely one of my current favourites!” Renee, “I know I’m enjoying a game when I have no idea how much time has passed while playing it. In this case I felt like the game was moving fairly quickly and I was shocked we’d been playing it for over 2 hours, the time just flew by! There is a bunch going on in this card driven rondel; so lots of things to do for points. The board is a map, on which you can move 1-7 spaces, doing various city or village actions, including playing cards which can give you resources, points, income or abilities. In addition, you can send out assistants to different locations to give you additional actions on the board. Your player board yourself is your ship and you are continuously upgrading the spaces on the ship to give you immediate bonuses, additional action options or more powerful actions in general. So a lot of very interesting choices to be constantly making about what to do and in which order. I see why this has been getting so much buzz, it’s a meaty game that’s fun to play. I like it!”

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