Tale of Gamers: Kill Team – Elite Warriors

Things have been busy on the Sentry Box front (as retail at the end of the year is wont to do) so this report comes to you a little behind schedule. Unfortunately, some of our hard-working hobbyists aren’t able to join us this time, but don’t worry – they’ll be back! For now, Jordan and Chris have some shiny new Elite miniatures to show off, and they’ve brought along a battle report between their two mighty Commanders, too. Check it out below…

And if this has your interest in starting a new Kill Team project piqued, you can join in too! Send us pics of your up-and-coming teams, minis you’re painting or your latest hard-fought battle and we’ll add them to our Community Showcase posts for all to see. You can submit your pics via email at hobby@sentrybox.com, or message us on Facebook.com/Sentrybox.



I was pretty busy and didn’t find a lot of time to work on these Mandrakes, but I got one done to at least show off the scheme I have in mind. The Mandrakes were my first experience with Finecast, and I didn’t have the patience to properly fix up / tidy the issues that are common with this material. This guy had a nice looking weapon but some of the other models have some zany bends on theirs. I figured that they looked “natural enough” to leave alone (I didn’t want to try to bend Finecast for hours on end). The paint scheme came out pretty cool – I took the base scheme and just changed the color of the pants and fire/energy. The pink-purple fires inside looked good with the armor on the other models on the team, and the pants are the same Nighthaunt Gloom cloth the rest of the team uses.



Behold, the Blightlord Terminator!

Terminators are always cool, but they’re super-evocative of the Death Guard, too – slow, grinding and unstoppable. I have a couple more of these guys still on the painting desk (enough to make a 125-point Elite kill team entirely out of Termies) but for now this one on his own will make a handy addition to my team.

By now, the painting steps are pretty familiar. Like my Commanders, I took a little bit of extra time adding highlights to areas like the tabard and shoulder pauldrons. The remaining Terminators have some extra details like plenty of gross slimy flesh, but they’ll follow the same steps as well. All I have to do is wrap those up and the full fury of the Death Guard will be unleashed!


It’s time for our Commanders from last month to finally take the field and meet in deadly combat. Now, Chris’s Lord of Contagion lines up to take on Jordan’s tooled-up Succubus.


All set up for the Hold the Line mission from the Commanders book. This scenario is a bit unusual, as it’s played across the narrow edge of the board. With the two forces so close, things are sure to be close up and bloody. The Death Guard are spread across the width of the board, with the Lord of Contagion lurking on the left flank. The Dark Eldar have concentrated most of their forces on that side, but the Dark Lance and Comms specialist have holed up in the building on the other side.


The board explodes into close-range melee fighting. The Commanders waste no time and both charge headlong at each other. The Wyches in the center face down two Plague Marines, while on the far side of the board the Poxwalkers and the Axeman rush across open ground at the sniper’s nest above.


The titanic duel begins! Despite using a Decisive Strike, the Lord of Contagion only knocks a couple wounds off the Succubus, and takes one in return for his trouble. Neither side has found a weakness just yet.


A crowd of Drukhari pile on to the Lord of Contagion – the Dark Eldar aren’t known for fighting fair. Two of the Wyches in the center peel off and rush to try and reinforce the flank, but the enemy is already hacking through the snipers in the ruins. One of the Poxwalkers is gunned down, too slow to clamber up the side of the building. The Death Guard leader takes a flesh wound in his fight with a Wych armed with “The Internet”, but neither can bring down the other.


The Lord of Contagion has the measure of his opponent now – with massive swings of his hideous axe, he hacks down the Succubus in a spray of gore! The horrified Dark Eldar strike back ineffectually – with their champion slain, can they hope to stop this abomination?



This battle will need to be won on the objectives, then. The Dark Eldar scatter, hoping to leave the slow-moving Lord of Contagion chasing shadows while they secure the vital zones. The Poxwalkers and Axeman squelch down off of the building and lay in to the Wyches, while the combat in the center drags on inconclusively.


The Dark Eldar leader and the Plague Belcher marine stalk each other through the ruins, each trying to secure the objective. But the hulking devotee of Nurgle gets the drop on his enemy, and the Drukhari drowns in a noxious wave of plague-bile. In the opposite corner, the Dark Eldar aren’t quite nimble enough to escape the Lord of Contagion, who hacks down another elf and secures that objective, too.


The Dark Eldar are becoming scarce. Despite holding on to one objective and still fighting the Plague Marine leader to a standstill, the Death Guard hold all the remaining territory and are closing in. Random Game Length mercifully brings the game to a close – the Death Guard and the monstrous Lord of Contagion claim their bloody victory.

That’s it for this month. We’ll be taking a short break for the rest of the holiday season, but our series will resume in February with some glorious completed kill teams. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, and we’ll see you in 2020! Thanks for joining us!

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