What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Dec 9-15

Greg and Renee played a quick game of Illimat to kick off Monday Board Game Night. Greg, “This sounded interesting – using a deck of cards with players trying to collect them for points and different play areas that change the rules. Ultimately it fell flat for me though, as choices were limited and plans foiled inadvertantly by other players changing the season. I found my self taking a long time trying to figure out a good move, but it feels like a game that should have a quicker pace. The changing rules ended up making for a negative play experience as I continually went to make a move only to discover it now wasn’t allowed.” Renee, “I got another chance to play this with a couple people on Monday night. Still trying to get the hang of this game and play to the available strategies of the game. Played again with Jenn on Sunday and still not playing with a focus on how to get the most points.But I like it and will be playing it again over the holidays with the family.”

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They then played Pony Express, Renee, “This was so much fun! You roll dice and claim a poker hand, seeing if anyone calls your bluff. Plus there are duels in which you try and flick dice and each other’s maples, bowling where you flick your die to nock over maples….this is just a straight up silly bluffing, social dexterity game.”


Just One was the next game to hit table. Greg, “We started this game pretty badly – failing to get any of the first few words – but got better and ended up scoring 8 out of a possible 13. I enjoy this game quite a bit as it’s quick, easy and funny whether you do well or badly.” Renee, “There is a reason this game has been a hit since it came out – it’s always fun.”


Letter Jam another cooperative word-driven game followed. Greg, “We tried another clue giving cooperative game. In Letter Jam each player is trying to figure out the five letters in front of them, one at a time, in order to discover the word those letters make when put in the right order. A clue giver makes a word out of the letters they can see, thus letting people try to figure out their own letter. It’s quite tough, and none of us succeeded in the end. I’d like to play again soon.” Renee, “I’ve been wanting to try this for a while after hearing so many great things about it. While we didn’t do that well, it’s clear that it is a great party deduction word game. I’m hoping to to play it more over the holidays.”

Renee and Greg played a two player game of Draftosaurus with this being Renee’s first time. Greg, ‘My experience payed off as I focused on one pen to score the max points. It’s a cute and simple little game. I want to try the alternative board side now.” Renee, “Another game that I was happy to finally get to try; A Dino drafting game in which each pen in your board scores differently. I would love to try it with more players.”

They finished the night with a play of Res Arcana. Greg, “I hadn’t played this for a while so was happy to play again. I went all in on one place of power whereas Renee spread out her options. It’s a fun engine builder!” Renee, “Hadn’t played this for a while and wanted to try it again before the first expansion came out. Looking forward to trying it again with the new expansion.”


Greg played Unlock: The Noside Show at home. Greg, “I decided to take one of the Unlock Boxes (Timeless Adventures) that contain three games home with me to try out with Tracy. She’d never tried one before so we started with the one that’s supposed to be easiest. We did ok, just going over the time by about 30 seconds and only using a couple of hints. Tracy enjoyed it and we’re looking forward to trying the next one.”

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Renee got a chance to play Taverns of Tiefenthal again with Jenn. “We added the second module in which you get entertainers that you can pay with schnapps in order to use their special abilities. Each entertainer is double sided with 2 abilities, when you add them to your tavern you decide which ability to use. I definitely enjoyed the additional choices this gave you. Still looking to play with all the modules.

Gord also got a chance to try Taverns of Tiefenthal. “I played this for the first time on Sunday after giving it to Bronwyn for a birthday present a couple of weeks ago. She’s already played at three times and loves the game. Thanks to Renee and Greg for recommending it. Such amazing components and I love the way the layout works as well as the different strategies and options to win. There are definitely some similarities to Agricola but I like this better. As usual with the first time I play a game, I squeaked out a victory edging out Bronwyn by two points which will mean that I’m not going to win again for a long time. Sean was only 10 behind so it was a close game.”



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