What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Dec 9-15

Greg and Renee played a quick game of Illimat to kick off Monday Board Game Night. Greg, “This sounded interesting – using a deck of cards with players trying to collect them for points and different play areas that change the rules. Ultimately it fell flat for me though, as choices were limited and plans foiled inadvertantly by other players changing the season. I found my self taking a long time trying to figure out a good move, but it feels like a game that should have a quicker pace. The changing rules ended up making for a negative play experience as I continually went to make a move only to discover it now wasn’t allowed.” Renee, “I got another chance to play this with a couple people on Monday night. Still trying to get the hang of this game and play to the available strategies of the game. Played again with Jenn on Sunday and still not playing with a focus on how to get the most points.But I like it and will be playing it again over the holidays with the family.”

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