Armada Prime Championships

Come on down to The Sentry Box on Saturday January 11th from 10am to 6pm for the Armada Prime Championships.

Cost $15

The event will be 3 Swiss rounds.

During a Star Wars: Armada Prime Championship, the Top 32 players will receive an extended art version of the Quasar Fire I-class Cruiser-Carrier, as well as the Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette, two ships outfitted for a variety of challenging engagements. The Top 16 players will also receive a set of three objective cards, evoking the iconic title crawl of the Skywalker saga.

Players who can prove themselves and make it into the Top 8 will receive a plastic card of the durable flotilla freighters: the Gozanti-class Carriers. Those who are able to secure one more win and advance to the Top 4 cut will be rewarded with a number of prizes that include sets of red and white tokens (five of each type of token per player) and similarly styled ship and squadron range rulers. The Top 4 Rebel Alliance players and the Top 4 Galactic Empire players will also receive a double-sided alternate art card of the X-Wing Squadron card and TIE Fighter squadron.

The sole player who secures their victory at a Prime Championship will be handsomely rewarded for their heroic efforts. In addition to the rewards previewed above, the Prime Champion will also win a one-of-a-kind damage deck, a metal coin adorned with the navigate symbol, and of course, an invitation to the next Star Wars: Armada World Championship**!
**As long as there are at least 16 players.

Info from the Marshal:

With sub 30 Players, the Standard rules are:

3 Games
400 Points / 134 Squadron Maximum
2:15 per Game

We will have a Lunch Break after the First Game, for 1 Hour, but I recommend you bring money for Snacks to buy at the Sentry Desk, or have food otherwise available at the very least.

All Expansions up to and Including Rebellion in the Rim are Legal as of this point in time. Note, that Wave 8 (The Starhawk and Onager) will ONLY be Legal to play if they are stated to be Released in DECEMBER (as there is an 11 day cooling off period for Competitive Events)

Furthermore, Paul Hrynyszyn will be the Non-Playing Marshal on Site.

Please have 2 Hard Copies of Lists on the Day, with Player Name. One with Objectives to be handed to Me, and one without for Opponent Reference if Required. Marshal copy Lists are to be handed in IMMEDIATELY upon confirmation of arrival with the Marshal.

The Sentry Box opens at 10:00am and we will be assembling immediately to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible. I Intend for the first game to be running by 10:30am.

We ask that Players bring any available mats that they can.

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