What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Dec 2-8


Jordan painted the Pit Devil from Wizkids’ newest wave of Deep Cuts miniatures! “I painted him up with a pretty classic “fire demon” theme. Considering he sells for less than 10 bucks, this model packs a load of detail and looks pretty excellent. I put him on one a Citadel base rather than the one that he came with because the Citadel bases have a natural “pedestal” raising on them, whereas the mini itself came with a really flat base that didn’t quite do him justice.”

Image from iOS - 2019-12-07T190728.451

Maddie is just getting started with painting miniatures, “Not nearly as talented as the rest of you, but I’d like to think my first attempt is pretty good! I decided to work with the Contrast paints mostly and so far I really like them! The other citadel paints are also good but I think For right now I’ll stick with contrast.” We agree, she did a great job!

Greg and Renee played Tiny Towns on Monday. Greg, “I decided to go for a totally random selection of buildings this game. Things seemed to be going very badly throughout most of the game, partly due to everyone else choosing the wrong resources (why would they do that?), but it turned out to be just slightly bad in the end. I do enjoy this game as a good option for up to 6 players that is pretty simple to explain and play.” Renee, “I love that this is one of those games that is super easy to teach and on the surface seems like a nice light filler, but inevitably will have players that usually play more complicated games shaking their heads and questioning all their choices. It’s wonderfully thinky and because of the random selection of buildings, you need to develop a different strategy so it feels fresh every time.”

They then played Black Angel. Greg, “Jeff and Kevin had never played so this was another teaching game, which was good because I wanted to solidify how to play in my head. I still don’t know how to do well at it though! It’s got a lot going on and is definitely a game that can take a while with AP prone players, but hopefully with experience it will go quicker because it is fun.” Renee, “I do enjoy this game although I still feel like I need to play it a few more times to develop a proper strategy. It was my second time playing it but I definitely didn’t appear to remember much from what I learned in my first play through. It’s one of those games where the cards in your hand, the technology tiles that appear and the dice that are available all have to factor into your strategy each turn, which I really love, but that is exactly why I feel this game needs replays to allow you to explore those options. I do think it is a solid game and I hope to get the chance to play it a again.”


They ended the evening with Silver & Gold. Greg, “Finally got a chance to play this flip and write.players try to fit the shapes onto their treasure cards in order to score them. Crossing off Xs and Palm trees let you cross off extra squares or score bonus points respectively. Crossing off coins earns points and can get you trophies as well. I enjoyed it quite a bit, and it’s a neat touch that you draw directly on the cards.”


Greg got Railroad Ink: Blazing Red Edition back to the table, “I tried this again with the meteor dice expansion. The meteors land and destroy any routes they hit, but you can also score bonus points for having routes that head into the craters. I managed to avoid having any routes destroyed but also didn’t connect up many exits into large networks so my score wasn’t awesome.”


Greg also pulled out Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition, “I wanted to try the last expansion that I hadn’t yet tried out: The Lake expansion. This can help you score more points, as any route that leads to a pier on the lake counts as connected to all other routes from other piers on the same lake. Plus you score points for your smallest lake based on the size. I feel like I didn’t really do a good job and ended up with lots of errors overall though.”


Greg played Unicorn Glitterluck with Alex, “This is a cute little roll and move game where players move their unicorn along the track in the clouds, picking up crystals along the way and trying to grt to the sun cloud at the end, which gives that player four bonus crystals. The player with the most crystals after one player has reached the end wins. It’s very straightforward but was a nice game to play with Alex and we played four games in a row. She won three and then I managed to tie with her in the last. It’s good for getting her more used to taking turns and for counting out the spaces and the number of crystals at the end.”

Gord reports that while on vacation, “Fallon and I have been trying Teeny Tiny Ninjas while in Mexico. I won the first two but she is now 3 out of 5. It’s a fun two-player game to play occasionally.”


Renee got a chance to play Illimat, “This game has an interesting back story: it started as a prop in a Decemberists’ photoshoot in 2009 and in 2015 was turned into a full fledged game. It plays like a classic parlour card game but with some modern additions to the game play. Each turn you play a card from your hand to one of the seasons, using one of the 3 actions (sowing, harvesting and stockpiling) to add cards to your harvest pile. Each season (area) has specific rules, playing face cards rotates the box to change the seasons, and when a season is emptied cards are revealed that add additional rules to the game. I only got a chance to play one game, but I really enjoyed it. Plus the classic art style and the components are beautiful!”

Annotation 2019-12-09 130101

Greg, Renee and River played ERA: Medieval Age on Friday’s livestream. Renee, “A roll and build? Yes please! I haven’t played any of the Roll Through the Ages games so this was new experience for me. You roll your dice which give you resources and builds which you can spend to add buildings to your town. Buildings give you additional dice or abilities, and points. But there are also disasters – if you roll an even number of skulls bad things happen to you, but if you roll an odd number then bad things happen to your opponents. Then there is extortion where you can demand goods from your opponents. I really enjoyed the game. You had some good options for what to build in your town and then the fun puzzling aspect of placing them on your board. Plus there was enough player interaction each round to keep it from feeling like a group game of solitaire.”

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