What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Nov 25-Dec 1

This week we start with Tia playing another new game, Cthulhu: Death May Die, “It’s a fairly straightforward, easy to learn game, which is nice considering most of the games I like to play are very heavy and take a while to play. There are various scenarios you can play, which changes up what you’re trying to accomplish that game (this time we had to manipulate the moon to stop cultists from completing their ritual). In each scenario you choose a different eldar one to play against – we chose to play against the black goat. Anytime you hit a baby goat and don’t kill it, it spawns more goats, as well as when the black goat advances on the track. Every time you attack, you roll dice, and if any land on tentacles, you gain an insanity. You can go up on the stress meter to re-roll, but you only have 5 stress to use before you have to rest in order to use more stress. As you go up the insanity track, you gain stronger powers your character can use, but if you get to the end of the insanity track you die. So it’s a balance of needing to gain insanity, but not too much. We ended up winning – we stopped the ritual and defeated the black goat. We were both only one insanity away from dying which was intense! The minis are quite nice looking, and I appreciated the player board overlays which made it easier to keep tokens on your player board. I’m glad I picked it up! I’m looking forward to playing the level with the two foot Cthulhu mini…”

Renee and Greg played On Tour on Monday Night. Renee, “Got a chance to show this game to a couple more folks on Monday night. This is just such a fun game and its deceptively crunchy. It seems simple, plot numbers on the map so you can plan a tour for you band. But you’re at the whim of both the die and the regional cards leading to the perfect roll often paired with the wrong cards.” Greg, “This is a game where one little bit of luck can make a big difference. You’ll often have two or three connected areas and need a bit of good fortune to get them joined up. In this case I got lucky and managed to put together a pretty good tour, giving me my best ever score.”

Image from iOS (2)

Renee and Greg ended up with a group of 6 so luckily Greg had brought Cursed Court. Renee, “A game I’ve always really enjoyed. At the beginning of the year, cards are dealt face-down between players so each player can peek at 2 of the 6 cards. A card is dealt face up in the middle of the table at the beginning of each round and then players take turns placing bets on a board – betting on which sets of cards will be revealed at the end of 4 rounds. You get 20 tokens to use over the 4 rounds, bumping other players bets by doubling the number of tokens. At then end of the year all cards are revealed and wining bets are awarded points. It’s a fun social game, trying to figure out what other players’ bets are telling you about what they know – or are they bluffing?” Greg, “I do enjoy this betting, bluffing and deduction game but I’m not very good at it! I think it’s a great option for a game when you have 6 players and want something not too long or involved, but still requires a bit of brain power.”

They followed with 7 Wonders. Renee, “I hadn’t played this game for years and I don’t think I’ve every played it with more than 3 or 4 players. So it was fun to play it again and this time with 6 players. It’s a good card drafting game with a decent amount of choices for ways to get points. Even with a 6 player game it plays quickly due to simultaneous play. I enjoyed playing this classic again.” Greg, “It had been a while since I’d played this and I decided to go for the science strategy. I did ok but a few other players took some science cards to stop me and both neighbours were beating me on military. Another great option for higher player counts.”


Gizmos also hit the table, Greg, “Played a three player game of this engine builder. None of us had any spectacular combos going on but I was able to regularly build and get new energy right away, so I built consistently and managed a close win. Always a fun time!” Renee, “This is such a well themed engine builder, which becomes ridiculously funny when someone creates an engine with some great combos leading to turns that allow you to take all the actions.”


Renee pulled out another oldie, Coloretto, Greg, “A game I’ve played quite a bit but not for a while. It’s so simple and yet so mean! I ended up with lots of +2 cards but not enough of any colour to maximize them, and a full rainbow, giving me some negative points. Still a great game.” Renee, “I hadn’t played this in years despite the fact that similarly to No Thanks, it is one of my original favourite card games. I love the player interaction.”


Greg played Era: Medieval Age, “Tried another solo game and did a little better this time. I still have a lot of room for improvement though. It’s a game that could have been a roll & write but it’s nice to have the look and the tactile feel of the little buildings.”


Wingspan also made it to the table at Greg’s place, “With the expansion coming out it reminded me that I really needed to get this game back to the table. It’s a very pretty game and I enjoy trying to make the most out of what’s available. Games between Tracy and I always seem to be very close too.”


Sue also got a classic to the table, Ticket to Ride. “I had never played this classic game before, but I can see why it’s so popular! It’s fun, with some strategy involved too. You get cards with 2 place names and then you have to stealthily connect them without your companion(s) catching on, or they may try to foil your plans. If you complete all your routes, you can take an extra card and try and build more routes for more points. I thought I was doing pretty well until my companion stealthily built the longest route (another way to score points). Nice pace, easy to play.”

Annotation 2019-12-02 154505.jpg

Greg, Renee, Jeff and Nick played Paladins of the West Kingdom on Friday’s livestream. Renee, “I continue to absolutely love this game, despite my seeming inability to actually play it with any success. It is a great combination of thinky, needing to plan, adapting to the options in the round and just fun. I love that I have control over the actions on my player board while having to compete with other players for the spots and cards in the common areas.”


We end the week with Greg’s roll and write installment, Railroad Ink: Blazing Red Edition, “I wanted to try using one of the expansions so I added the lava dice. This means you start with a volcano in the centre and each round have to draw in lava using at least one of the two lava dice. If you can’t connect either of them then you either have to add a new volcano somewhere or erase part of s route to make space to add the lava. It’s not as bad as it sounds though because there’s lots of room to expand and draw your track around the lava, and you score points for completed lava lakes and your largest lava lake. Next up will be to try the meteor expansion!”





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