What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Nov 18-24

This week starts off with Sue playing the Trogdor board game. “I loved Trogdor back in the day with his big, beefy arm and consummate V’s and it turns out I still do! In this cooperative game, you and your friends take turns controlling Trogdor. The goal is to burninate the land, peasants, and thatched roof cottages.. all while avoiding the knights and archers who are trying to kill you. This game plays a lot like the Trogdor video games, except now it’s tactile! And there are both meeple style game pieces, or miniature style pieces. We played a round with each. Both styles look great!”

Trogdor has been popular with some of the staff and Tia also got in a game! “Just played a game of Trogdor this evening. Quick setup and short time to play, it’s a nice game to bring to the table when you feel like having some laughs and burninating the village! The instruction booklet is filled with little silly explanations, and the cards are entertaining to read as well. Glad I bought it! We lost by one tile though…Still satisfying”

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Greg and Renee played Paladins of the West Kingdom again on Monday, Greg, “Got to try this with four players and enjoyed it a lot. I was a little worried it might be too long with four, but we all played pretty quickly. With four players it was definitely more important to pay attention to what the other players were doing as there was more competition for taking the outsider cards and the bonus action spaces. Love it.” Renee, “Wow this game is good. Playing it with 4 players was a lot of fun and while it was a longer game than the 2 player game, there are lots of things to churn on while waiting for you turn. The order in which you performed your actions made more of a difference with the various card markets changing more frequently. Was a treat to get to try this again.”

Renee also got to play Taverns of the Tiefenthal again, “Played a 4 player game and got to introduce it to a couple new players. Played with one of the modules that used the reputation track which mostly just made me want to try it will all the modules to see how much more this game has to offer.”


Greg got to play Incan Gold for the first time, “Finally played this classic push your luck game. I enjoyed it quite a bit as the decision of whether to drop out or not was never straightforward. I’d happily play this again.”


Llama hit Greg’s table as well, “Finished the night with a couple of games of this great little card game. Both were a case of so close and yet so far, as I was almost able to empty my hand a couple of times but ended up stuck and not able to do it.”


Back at home, Greg got Bisikle to the table, “Alex asked to play this again so we played a three player game. She typically took a mulligan or two each turn, so it was unsurprising that she ended up winning.”


Greg played Paladins of the West Kingdom again at home, “I convinced Tracy to give this a try at home so we played a 2 player game. Having played a few times now everything clicked a lot more for me and I was able to time things better and make good use of my Paladins. In one case I was able to commission my last four monks all in one turn, paying no provisions for them (saving me 10 provisions). Tracy was figuring out the game but seemed to enjoy it so hopefully we’ll get more chances to play in the future.”

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Greg and Renee were joined by Adam and Debbie from The Collapsing Gameshelf Podcast to play The Quacks of Quedlinburg on Friday’s livestream.  Greg, “It had been a little while since my last game of this but we played on stream with Adam and Debbie from The Collapsing Gameshelf Podcast. Renee introduced elements from The Herb Witches expansion, such as new ingredient books, an overflow pot and the Herb Witches themselves, which are once-per-game special powers. I enjoy this game anyway and all of the expansion additions were great too.” Renee, “This game is so much fun; I just love it! The expansion has been a riot to play as well and I’ve really enjoyed the additional choices it brings to the game. I managed not to score a single point for the first 6 rounds and then using the power of rat tails, almost won the game.  Perhaps next time I’ll have to start getting points in round 4 or 5…”


Greg also got to try the new Era: Medieval Age, “This is the spiritual successor to Roll Through the Ages, incorporating many of the same elements such as dice rolling, feeding your people and fending off disasters. Instead of using the resources generated by the dice to cross off new cities, wonders and advancements you use them to build physical buildings on your player board, adding a spatial element to the game. Different buildings have effects such as adding new dice, generating food or resources, or scoring points, and adding walls to your city doubles the balue of the buildings inside and protects against some disaster effects. I just tried the solo game and scored pretty badly…”


We finish the week with a spoiler-free report on Clank Legacy from Greg, “I love Clank and I love legacy games so I’ve been excited about this one for a while. There are a few minor differences to regular Clank at the beginning, as well as the awesome minis. Looking forward to seeing where this goes!”