What have The Sentry Box Staff been up to Nov 4-10



Greg and Renee kicked off Monday Board Game Night with another play of ClipCut Parks. Greg, “Got another chance to play this roll & cut game. The first couple of rounds went very well, allowing me to complete my first couple of parks. It’s definitely a unique idea, albeit one that leaves a bit of mess to clean up at the end!” Renee, “Got to play this game again in which we actually get to cut pieces of paper to build your parks. It’s a clever mechanic and it makes for a fun game. I love how people keep coming up with new ways to make games.”


Greg played Mines of Zavandor, “An older game by Alexander Pfister, more recently known for Great Western Trail. It’s an engine-building auction game where players are Dwarf Clans who mine for gems, which they then bid to win upgrades that score points, earn extra income or other abilities. It’s pretty fun, and is one that’s been absent from my table for quite a while so I was happy to get a chance to play again.”

Greg then played Noctiluca, “A brain-burny dice-drafting game where players are trying to fill their jars with Noctiluca to pick up scoring tokens. The four player game was quite tight compared to a two player game as you only get six turns in the whole game. It’s quick and looks light but there are a lot of options so it often took a while to figure out your moves.”

Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done also hit Greg’s table, “Played a two player game of this rondel mancala game. It goes so fast, especially two player, but there are interesting decisions throughout. The player powers offer just the right amount of variation at the start of the game. It’s one of my favourite medium weight games.” As did Pyramids, “Got another chance to play this little card drafting, building game. It’s quick and easy but fun and interesting. Choosing your god power for turn order and where you can build is a tough choice sometimes.”


Greg ended the evening with a play of Rolled West, “Finished the night with a two player game of this little roll & write. I enjoy it and I like the fact that it uses 12-sided dice as that’s pretty unusual for roll & writes.”

Image from iOS - 2019-11-11T105249.978

Meanwhile Renee joined a game of Las Vegas Royale, “We played a 4 player game with a couple new players. This is definitely a longer version of the game with more going on and I like it.  I really enjoy the new mini games and what it adds not only to the strategy but also the game play. Like the original, we all had a lot of fun playing it.”

Image from iOS - 2019-11-11T105350.143

Renee’s main game of the night was Quacks of Quedlinburg, “Brought this to Monday Night so I could give folks a chance to try out the new Herb Witches expansion.  It was also my first play of the game since I put all the cardboard tokens into coin capsules. The clanking of the plastic in your bag is so satisfying and they make the game look so good! I’m really enjoying the new expansion and think it’s a great addition to one of my favourite games.”

Renee ended the night with a couple card games starting with No Thanks, “I used to play this game a lot with my family years ago but hadn’t played it for a while. It’s a fun card game in which you don’t want to collect cards – points are bad – so you use tokens to pass on picking up the card “No Thanks!”. The card collects tokens until someone chooses or is forced to take it and all the tokens with it. You can get lucky as consecutively numbered cards only score the lowest number. Another fun card game.”  Also played, Krass Kariert, “I’ll play this every time. Loving it.”

Greg got his Gloomhaven group together again, “Chris was away but Ben, Brad and myself played through the next two scenarios. Firstly we had to go to another realm and fight through Night Demons and Imps to destroy a pillar. It was touch and go but we managed to get through and do enough damage. In the second scenario things went more smoothly as Ben and I had both leveled up and ended up having a great little combo working together, with Brad tanking up front. Still enjoying this a lot, 33 games in.”

Annotation 2019-11-11 140935

Renee, Greg, Setareh and Nick played The Taverns of Tiefenthal on Friday’s livestream. Renee, “Ok, can we talk about how this is the latest game from my current game designer crush Wolfgang Warsch? So I immediately bought it and we played it on Friday’s stream. This is another solid, fun game from WW. Players run a tavern and the actions all tie in very well with the theme. Players draw cards from their deck and place them in the appropriate action area of their tavern; servers give you additional dice, dishwashers give you additional pips, brewers and bar backs give you beer to buy customers and nobles, customers give you coins to upgrade your tavern and buy staff for your tavern. All the cards you buy go on top of your draw pile so rather than just building your deck, you’re building your next round. It was a fun first play and I can’t wait to play it a few more times to get a good feel for it. We played the base game but it comes with 4 additional modules so looking forward to trying those as well.”

Renee got The Taverns of Tieflingthal to the table again for a teaching game with Jenn and their Dad, “We played with just the base game again. They both enjoyed it so looking forward to playing it more in the future with some of the additional modules. I didn’t really go in with a strategy as I was focusing on teaching, but did try to take in some of what I had learned in my first game. Like the fact that you’re not deck building so much as turn building because all your purchased cards come out on the next turn and you only go through your deck a few times. I’m curious about how the modules change the pace and strategy, hopefully I’ll find out soon!”


Jordan took a step back from painting for the Kill Team project to paint up this Tau Commander from the Apocalypse box set he picked up a while back. “These battlesuits are super cool models with great dynamic posing, and I love the super futuristic style of the Tau. I went with the classic white paint scheme but swapped the red highlights for Citadel’s minty Sybarite green.”

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