Tale of Gamers: Kill Team – Chain of Command

The galaxy’s greatest heroes (and villains) prepare to stalk the shadows of Kill Team this month! Our intrepid hobbyists have been working away on their brand-new Commanders, and now it’s time to unveil their mighty champions. And of course, we have some more exciting battle report action, too. Check it out below…

And if this has your interest in starting a new Kill Team project piqued, you can join in too! Send us pics of your up-and-coming teams, minis you’re painting or your latest hard-fought battle and we’ll add them to our Community Showcase posts for all to see. You can submit your pics via email at hobby@sentrybox.com, or message us on Facebook.com/Sentrybox.

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What have The Sentry Box Staff been up to Nov 4-10



Greg and Renee kicked off Monday Board Game Night with another play of ClipCut Parks. Greg, “Got another chance to play this roll & cut game. The first couple of rounds went very well, allowing me to complete my first couple of parks. It’s definitely a unique idea, albeit one that leaves a bit of mess to clean up at the end!” Renee, “Got to play this game again in which we actually get to cut pieces of paper to build your parks. It’s a clever mechanic and it makes for a fun game. I love how people keep coming up with new ways to make games.”

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