What have the Sentry Box Staff been up to – Oct 28-Nov 3


We start this week’s staff blog with Sue’s review of some of the pre-painted terrain and miniatures now available at the store. “These are D&D/ Pathfinder Prepainted miniatures. I got a brick of Pathfinder: Legendary Adventures and was lucky enough to get the Goblin Chief! Shown also are parts from the Pathfinder: Legendary Adventures Goblin Village Case Incentive, including the alternate sculpt of the Goblin Chief, and… Goblin childrens!!! Some of the other goblins shown are from the Legendary Adventures/ Legendary Adventures Preview Pack and the Dungeon of the Mad Mage Pack. The hut is from the Wizkids Jungle Shrine pack. Last, but not least, the D&D Hill Giants were a gift from a good friend. I like the way Wizkids is releasing more terrain. I think it really adds some visual interest to the scene.”

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