What have the Sentry Box Staff been up to – Sept 30-Oct 6

Greg and Renee finally got to try Tapestry at Monday Board Game Night. Greg, “Got to see what all the fuss is about with this hot game. Have to say I enjoyed it a lot. The variable player powers of the different civilizations and the variety in the tapestry and technology cards make me think this game will be fun to explore for some time. Amazing components with all the different buildings too. Looking forward to playing again!” Renee, “This game is just beautiful! Setting it up and getting ready to play, I was already seeing what everyone was talking about. The game itself is actually very straightforward – you advance on various tracks, which allow you to explore on the main map, conquer areas on the map, collect inventions, and build up your city. What I loved about this game was that we were each given a civilization card with a unique ability that impacted our gameplay and strategy.  In addition, we each got to play a tapestry card each round that again, gave us a unique ability or power during that era. The result is that we ended up playing with vary different strategies. There is a bit of a race on each of the tracks to unlock landmarks, and some player interaction on the map, but I found I was able to focus mostly on what I was doing. For as much as there is going on in the game, I found it relatively easy to learn and I enjoyed the play a lot.”

They also played another game of Rolled West. Greg, “Played another game of this little roll & write. I tried a different strategy, going for boomtown buildings, and it did NOT work. Back to the drawing board.” Renee, “I got a boomtown building early on that rewarded extra points for delivering goods and land claims, so focused on that strategy and it paid off.”


Greg tried Fleet: The Dice Game. “I kept hearing that this was a top tier roll & write so I was happy that we managed to get some in the store so I could try it. I enjoyed my first solo game and look forward to trying it out with other players too. Lots of options in this game!”


Chris played another fine game of Kill Team against Mike, “In this scenario, his Gellerpox Infected are trying to seize and destroy objectives, which I’m trying to protect. My dice decided they (mostly) liked me this game and while half my team did end up bogged down in the center trying fruitlessly to bring down a Nightmare Hulk, I was able to snipe down his boss and swat away several of his objective-grabbing fly swarms. The flies did reach and destroy one of the targets, but the melee in the center left that objective contested and I was able to keep a solid grip on the last one, securing victory.”

Annotation 2019-10-07 121057.png

Renee, Greg and Setarah played Tapestry on Friday’s livestream. Renee, “The second time we played, I ended up with a civilization card that gained me extra resources when my opponents gained landmarks, which ended up making my era’s last longer before I had to take an income turn and by the middle of the game I was a whole era behind everyone else. I let my tapestry cards guide my focus each era to take make the most of their abilities and it felt like I was playing a very different game than last time. Had a great time again and am definitely digging this game.” Greg, “After playing on Monday for the first time I’ve since played three more times, with varying player counts. I’m loving this game! It scales well for the different player counts, and the variation that comes from different civilizations and tapestry cards mean the game plays quite differently each time. I’m really enjoying exploring this game and the different options.”

Image from iOS (23)

Renee played Rush & Bash again with the family, “Played a game of this analog “Mario Kart” style game with my nephew Christopher and Jenn. Each time we play, we use a different landmark feature, so this time we played with the bridge. It’s fun that there are different tracks built into the design of the game so it feels a bit different each time we play.”

Image from iOS (24)

Renee and Jenn then played Pyramids, “This is a quick card drafting game in which you build pyramids, obelisks and tombs, each with different scoring rules. As a drafting game, it was ok with 2, but it definitely would be better with 4 or 5 players.”

They then played Orleans, “This is a game that I hadn’t got to the table for a couple years and really wanted to try again. I really do like this game! A bag builder with a lots of choices for how you build up your engine to get points.  I went hard on knights and then paired them with some gears to build a few pretty powerful actions that I farmed over and over again. I think this might have been the best I’ve done, as I don’t remember being very good at it previously. Definitely made me want to play it again.”

Renee also played a quick game of Cat Lady with Jenn before dinner. “Another card drafting game, this time you’re collecting cats and feeding them, while getting points for costumes and toys as well. This is a cute fun little game.”

Renee ended the day with a play of Dominion, “Adam recently started playing Dominion with Christopher (7) so we decided to play a 4 player game after dinner. We played with a set from Hinterlands that was new to us. Jenn, Adam and I each diligently tried slightly different card combinations to get our engines going, but Christopher stayed pretty focused, limiting the number of action cards he purchased and ended up winning easily.”


We end this week’s blog with a play from Gord of Thunder in the East, “I can certainly see why GMT now has the rights to this series. It is one of the most enjoyable strategic WW2 East Front wargames I have played in years.”



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