Destiny Prime Championship

Saturday November 2nd   10:00am

Prime Championships (formerly known as Regional Championships) are open events that draw in players from all over to compete, forming a central part of the Organized Play path to the World Championship. At these events, not only can you enjoy your favorite game at a higher level, but you can do so with players who share your passion.

Through participating in a Prime Championship, you can win a number of unique prizes, including game mats, tokens, and promotional cards! Not to mention, the winner of a Prime Championship will also earn an invitation to the upcoming Star Wars: Destiny World Championship!

Entry Fee is $15.

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What have the Sentry Box Staff been up to – Sept 30-Oct 6

Greg and Renee finally got to try Tapestry at Monday Board Game Night. Greg, “Got to see what all the fuss is about with this hot game. Have to say I enjoyed it a lot. The variable player powers of the different civilizations and the variety in the tapestry and technology cards make me think this game will be fun to explore for some time. Amazing components with all the different buildings too. Looking forward to playing again!” Renee, “This game is just beautiful! Setting it up and getting ready to play, I was already seeing what everyone was talking about. The game itself is actually very straightforward – you advance on various tracks, which allow you to explore on the main map, conquer areas on the map, collect inventions, and build up your city. What I loved about this game was that we were each given a civilization card with a unique ability that impacted our gameplay and strategy.  In addition, we each got to play a tapestry card each round that again, gave us a unique ability or power during that era. The result is that we ended up playing with vary different strategies. There is a bit of a race on each of the tracks to unlock landmarks, and some player interaction on the map, but I found I was able to focus mostly on what I was doing. For as much as there is going on in the game, I found it relatively easy to learn and I enjoyed the play a lot.”

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