Tale of Gamers: Kill Team – Time for War!

Everything’s coming to a head, and now it’s time to roll dice and take names. This month’s report will be short on words and long on pictures – the better to show off some beautiful kill teams and all the action when they meet on the battlefield. Let’s take a look…

And if this has your interest in starting a new Kill Team project piqued, you can join in too! Send us pics of your up-and-coming teams, minis you’re painting or your latest hard-fought battle and we’ll add them to our Community Showcase posts for all to see. You can submit your pics via email at hobby@sentrybox.com, or message us on Facebook.com/Sentrybox.



I’m proud to present my completed kill team: The Midnight Verdict. I’m happy with how the colors worked together in this scheme – a team of fighters who stalk the night, their armor blending into the darkness, until it’s time to strike! I only had a chance to play my one game with Chris, and I really enjoyed the explosive aggression that the Wyches were capable of, as well as the powerful supporting fire from the Warriors. I’m looking forward to getting more games in as we go, and in the meantime, I’m working on painting up my commander. The tease for the new Drazhar Incubus model from Games Workshop also has me excited.



I’m pretty happy with the way my Tau Kill Team turned out. After meeting some foes on the battlefield, I think I will switch out some weapons for some rail rifles. I was super happy with the conversions and the Apothecary White made it easy to have a great looking Tau Kill Team!


To stay with the theme of ‘old school’ I went with old school paint… they are the ones I still use anyways. They are all GW paints but from a couple of incarnations ago.


For the Praetorian Guard the jackets and the pant stripes were painted in Blood Red. The pants themselves were painted Regal Blue. The epalettes were done in Golden Yellow. Silver and Gold for the trim and guns were Chainmail and Shining Gold. I wanted an old look to the guns so for the casing I did them in a brown colour to simulate the old rifles used at Rorke’s Drift, the Martini-Henry. The colour used was Bestial Brown. For the boots and other leather parts, like pouches on the Kasrkin, I used Scorched Brown. On the Praetorian Guard white will be used for the pouches, as was the style of the British Uniforms of the time. I am still experimenting on the pith helmet to get a good look. So far my attempts have not made me happy so testing continues.


Since Rorke’s Drift was in an arid area in Africa I thought that the Kasrkin, elite troops, should be in a desert camo pattern. I went with the pattern used by the US in the early 90s. The figs were sprayed with Dak Sand from Flames of War. I know, I know, not old spray but I don’t have a sand colour from the same era of paint I used. I went with the same theme as the rifles on the Praetorian Guard and painted the hand hold on them in the brown with the casing in black. I am going to paint the casing in brown on another one just to see if it looks better. There was no ‘military’ type green in the old range so I tried Ogryn Camo but it was way too pale so there was not enough of a contrast to see it. I settled on Straken Green. The brown bits on the camo was Bestial Brown again.


Next step is shades and highlighting to bring it all together.



Poxwalkers! With these guys done, my whole team is ready for action. As I suspected, they proved mercifully simple to paint compared to the Plague Marines. This was my first time trying out the Plaguebearer Flesh Contrast paint, and the result on their skin is excellent. The only downside is that it came out a little closer to the color of the marine’s armor than I would have liked. Everything else went pretty much according to the paint scheme, although for the cloth areas I added in one of my favorite colors, Cryx Bane Highlight from P3.


And now I’ve realized too late that I forgot to take a group shot with the entire kill team. Curses! Hopefully you’ll forgive me for reposting the photo of the Plague Marines here instead. And of course, you’ll see them all together in some of the game photos this month too.


Here’s what we all came for: pretty pictures of miniature combat! First up, the Death Guard clash with the Dark Eldar:


The mission is Take Prisoners (perfect for the Dark Eldar). Start of the game and they’re already lining up to take a shot at the Death Guard.


Nurgle’s Finest sets up a potentially devastating ambush with the plague belcher, but the wyches dance through it with hardly a scratch and run rampant.


But here comes the axeman, he’ll sort them out and…


Nope, he’s dead. Where did everybody go? The Death Guard on the flank are gunned down faster than you can try and say “Disgustingly Resilient”, and the noose tightens around the few survivors.


A desperate last stand doesn’t work out so great, either. While they captured only a single poxwalker, the Dark Eldar swept the board and handily claimed victory!

Next up, the Death Guard try and salvage some of their dignity against the high-tech forces of the T’au:


Both sides set up for Sweep and Clear. Wary of T’au firepower, the Death Guard deploy cautiously.


The T’au set up two firebases while the Death Guard advance on both flanks, with minor casualties on both sides.


The axeman makes a devastating assault into the enemy backfield, rivers of blood in his wake.


Close, bloody fighting sees the T’au clear out and hold the center, as the stealthsuit leaps up and annihilates the enemy leader with her fusion blaster. Still, it has cost the T’au dearly.


The axeman is unstoppable! The stealthsuit leader flies across the ruins to deal with the last plague marine holding an objective. Both teams have broken under horrific casualties, but the game continues…


With all other Nurgle forces eliminated, the axeman is left to finish his bloody rampage. Despite wiping out half the enemy single-handed and doggedly tying the victory point score, he fails to deny the T’au the win – by the narrowest of margins!

That wraps up this month. Stay tuned, we have more nail-biting games of Kill Team on the way. And a little ways down the road, the real heavy hitters will be arriving with the Commanders expansion. Til then, thanks for joining us!

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