What have the Sentry Box Staff been up to – June 24-30

We kick off this week’s staff blog with some painting from Chris for Kill Team and Tanks: Modern Age.


“Finished some small terrain pieces for 40k/Kill Team. The ruins are almost entirely done with drybrushing so I don’t have to use buckets of wash to darken the recesses. Starting from black primer, my drybrush steps went Mournfang Brown, VGC Cold Grey, VMC Light Grey and finally Tyrant Skull. Only the metallic details got a quick Strong Tone wash after picking them out. The crates are just Vallejo Khaki drybrushed with VGC Dead Flesh, with the eagle symbol in Leadbelcher before an overall Strong Tone wash. Lastly, everything got a coat of Vallejo Matt Varnish spray to protect the finish during games.”

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