What have the Sentry Box Staff been up to – July 15-21

More board gaming this week, more painting from Greg and some reading too!

To kick off Monday Board Game Night, Renee and Greg played Claim. Greg, “Renee taught me this two player trick taking game after her week of trying it with her sister. It’s quite interesting with the two halves of the game, using the first half to try to plan and set up for the second half when most of the scoring cards are taken. I liked the artwork too.” Renee, “I showed this to Greg, but as Jenn and I discovered, it takes a few plays to start to understand how to play your cards strategically to hopefully to yourself up with the majority of a faction.”

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AEG’s Big Game Night @ Sentry Box

Not every gamer can make it to GenCon but don’t be sad about your #GenCan’t. This year, AEG is bringing GenCon Big Game Night fun to The Sentry Box on Friday August 2nd from 5:30 – 9:00!

As part of AEG’s Big Game Night, brick and mortar retailers like us will have access to a month early pre-release of our three Big Game Night games PLUS the brand new Smash Up expansion: World Tour Culture Shock! We’ll alsohave eight limited edition collector’s pins of two designs – four of each. Each pin represents a different Smash Up faction, in this case the Spartans and Kaiju. These pins are limited and will not be made again.

The three Big Game Night games are all new releases: Point Salad, Curios, and Walking in Burano. These fast-playing, easy to learn games will be a hit at game night. Don’t miss your chance to have them a month before anyone else!

Come down to join Greg and Renee as they run demos of all the Big Game Night games throughout the evening!

Tichu Tournament

Tichu is back!  The Sentry Box will be hosting a tournament on Saturday July 27th. This will be a casual tournament, so there will be prizes but it shouldn’t be taken too seriously. As such, teams will be decided randomly on the day. The number of rounds will be determined by the total number of teams and we will have a 30 minute lunch break after the first round.

Start time: 10:30am
First Round: 10:45am
Entry Fee: $5
Number of rounds: 4
Max players: 32

Please note the English FAQ below, which has info on things like the timing of bombing which aren’t super clear in the various rulesets out there:




What have the Sentry Box Staff been up to – July 8-14


Greg kicked off Monday Board Gaming Night with another play of Underwater Cities,  “Managed to get this to the table again. I really like this game. The combination of action selection, hand management and resource management really works well. It offers different strategic options as well as tactical play adjusting to what the other players are doing and what cards come out.”

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What have the Sentry Box Staff been up to – June 24-30

We kick off this week’s staff blog with some painting from Chris for Kill Team and Tanks: Modern Age.


“Finished some small terrain pieces for 40k/Kill Team. The ruins are almost entirely done with drybrushing so I don’t have to use buckets of wash to darken the recesses. Starting from black primer, my drybrush steps went Mournfang Brown, VGC Cold Grey, VMC Light Grey and finally Tyrant Skull. Only the metallic details got a quick Strong Tone wash after picking them out. The crates are just Vallejo Khaki drybrushed with VGC Dead Flesh, with the eagle symbol in Leadbelcher before an overall Strong Tone wash. Lastly, everything got a coat of Vallejo Matt Varnish spray to protect the finish during games.”

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