What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – June 10-16

Image from iOS (98)

Renee played Cockroach Poker Royal for the first time to kick off Monday Night Board Gaming. “This is a bluffing card game in which you hand someone a card and say “This is a …” You can tell the truth or you can lie. That player can either call – “I do think it is a…” or “I don’t think it is a…..” or decide to look at the card and then give it to another player, saying it is a whatever. If you call and you are correct, the player handing you the card gets the card, otherwise you get the card. If you get 4 of the same bug the game ends and you lose. Turns out I wasn’t great at this game and ended up with the first 3 cards. But as this picture shows, having lots of different bugs looks pretty and isn’t a losing condition…so I did just fine. This was yet another quick card game that had all 5 of us laughing and enjoying ourselves immensely.”

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