What have The Sentry Box Staff been up to – June 3-9


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Greg and Renee kicked off Monday Board Game Night with Tag City. Greg, “This is a roll & write game, so even thought the theme wasn’t particularly appealing I knew I had to get it, and it is an interesting game, not too dissimilar to Noch Mal in that you’re trying to fill up rows, columns or coloured sections of your board quicker than the other players. Recommended if you like roll & writes for sure.” Renee, “Surprise! It’s another roll and write! This time it’s has a colourful graffiti theme. Like Noch Mal players get points for being the first to complete rows, colours and coloured sections. We do this by selecting Tetris shapes to shade onto our boards. The controlling player each turn gets to assign the rolled dice to the pieces so there is some strategic planning involved. Surprise number two, I liked it.”

They followed it with Rajas of the Ganges. Greg, “Got a chance to play a 4 player game of this and it was definitely much tighter with competition for prime spots. Having said that, we did seem to all focus on slightly different things. I enjoyed it with two players but even more with four.” Renee, “Another beautifully colourful game that combines lots of pretty dice and worker placement. So pretty much my favourite mechanics. This game hooked me immediately and I couldn’t stop thinking about it after we played it. The dice act as resources, with players using the colour and pip values to perform actions on the board. There are two score tracks, money (moving counter clockwise) and fame (moving clockwise) and the goal is to be the player that makes your markers meet and cross each other by the most spaces. You can do this in various ways, and while there are a lot of choices on the board, we soon found each other fighting for our spots. I loved this game. If like me you enjoy worker and dice placement, I’d suggest checking it out.”

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Then they played a couple of lighter games, starting with Little Devils. Greg, “This is a quick little trick-taking game where you don’t want to win tricks. Things started pretty badly for me and never improved, although there wasn’t a huge point difference between us all at the end.” Renee, “Little Devils is a card game along the lines of 6 nimmit. You play with a deck of numbered cards, with the cards having 0 to 5 devils on them. Lead player can play any card, the second player then plays a card, it if is higher than the highest card will win the trick, if it is a lower card, the lowest card wins the trick. The idea of course is to NOT win the trick because you want the least devils at the end of the game. Greg will tell you that it involves of a lot of luck, of just having the right cards, but it was clear that this is a game where smart gameplay is the key. This was another game that involved a lot of good natured ribbing and we all had a lot of fun playing it.

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They also got in a play of Pyramids. Greg,  “An interesting card drafting and placement game, with players drafting cards to play into one of three places each round – pyramid, obelisk and tomb. Each feature scores differently, with the pyramid and obelisk having a spatial element and the tomb being a set collection majority.” Renee, “In this game players are using cards with various building materials to build their pyramid, tomb and obelisk, each of which has a different scoring scheme. At the beginning of the round, players take turns picking a tile which determines both turn order for picking a pair of cards from the market, and on which structures the cards can be placed. A lighter shorter game that had some good choices which I enjoyed.”

They ended the evening with a round of Tichu. Greg, “Renee and I teamed up but it just wasn’t our night, with the cards just not cooperating at all, so we lost pretty quickly. Not even close to my worst game though.” Renee, “I think I’m getting better? Although the points don’t show that in any way. Greg and I definitely didn’t get great cards to work with, again. Starting to wonder if cards are mad at me because I don’t give them the same attention I give dice? Is that’s what’s going on in my Tichu game?”

Greg also has some roll and write updates this week! Ganz Schön Clever “So close to cracking the 300 mark and yet so far. I can fairly consistently score 280+ but can’t seem to make it to the elusive 300 points.” Brikks “134, my best score yet by far, although this is still on the easiest setting. I managed to complete multiple rows a couple of times which really boosted my score on the extra points bar.” Ganz Schön Clever (take 2) “Another big score on the second challenge. I gambled on the last roll instead of taking the safer option and it paid off beautifully.”

Greg’s group returned to their Gloomhaven campaign, “We replayed a scenario that we had previously won because Chris wanted to get the special weapon that we didn’t pick up the last time so that he can work towards meeting his retirement goal. We crushed that one and then moved on to another scenario where we had to protect an NPC and get them to an alter to close a rift of some kind. We also won that one handily, and Chris and Brad both leveled up so we’re all now level 6, except Ben who had previously retired and is now at level 4 again.”

Gord finally got a chance to test out Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth again. “This time it was with five people and we actually managed to finish the intro scenario while figuring out what was going on. It was a near run thing but Bilbo managed to succeed in finding the way into the enemy stronghold with a little help from his friends. I would consider it a big hit as nobody wanted to stop at our normal time and we ended up playing until midnight. Having the tablet do the heavy lifting was an interesting experience as nobody else had ever played with this. My only problem with the game is that the text on some of the cards is hard for my old eyes to focus on when they get tired. Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of the setup.”

And that’s the news from the staff gaming front.  Enjoy your week and we hope it is full of gaming goodness!

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