What have The Sentry Box been up to – May 27-June 2

20190526_162247 (1)

Jordan got to play a game of Kill Team against Chris, “My Adeptus Mechanicus Kill Team won out against Chris’ Chaos Space Marines and Cultists. Chris quickly took an early lead by taking out my melee fighters who were protecting my back-line of gunners. In a decisive round of shooting, my team took out a handful of Chris’ fighters before they could charge into melee combat, and a die roll ended the game as I took the lead in points! Kill Team is a great gateway miniatures game that gives you a taste of all of the parts of the hobby at a comfortable pace without the intimidating demand of completing an entire army before you can play the game – it also allows players to try painting a squad of models from a different army than they collect, or perhaps with a unique paint scheme. The rule set is straightforward and offers both depth and strategy to players and has a ton of support and releases from Games Workshop.”

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